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Hacking Edge Chosen by Gamers for Safest, Best and Biggest Selection of Free Hacking Programs


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2012 -- Serious gamers looking for the ultimate experience with their online games are turning to the free, safe and reliable programs available from HackingEdge.com. Hacking Edge is the #1 source for the best hacking programs for gamers, releasing the latest generators, map hacks, hack trainers, bots and much more.

Since January 2010 starting with their releases related to Warcraft 3 through to their latest free Xbox Live codes, the Hacking Edge community has been working to create the best free hacking programs for gamers to unleash the potential of their gaming experience. “All of our content is created by our community members and thanks to them, we’ve continued to grow and provide many more quality hack and generator releases to our community for free,” said the Hacking Edge spokesperson.

With the popularity of the Xbox 360, Hacking Edge worked overtime to release an updated Xbox Live Code Generator so that the website’s user base could generate free Xbox live codes. The updated generator features a more user-friendly layout with faster code generation for multiple free Xbox Live codes. The codes are used in the Xbox Live Marketplace to purchase Microsoft Points—the currency used to purchase everything from maps, weapons, equipment and game memberships to games, movies and more. “Our Microsoft Points Generator provides gamers with free Xbox Live codes so that they can get items from the Marketplace with free Microsoft Points, save some cash and do lots more,” said the Hacking Edge spokesman.

In addition to the Xbox Live code generator, users have access to PSN and Wii codes and code Generators, MMORPG Related Hacks for BattleOn, Runescape, Minecraft, WoW, Nexon NX and many more. There are First Person Shooter Hacks for Black Ops, Crisis 2 and Modern Warfare as well as RTS Hacks for Starcraft ll: Wings of Liberty, a number of big name Lifehacks, numerous Facebook Game Hacks and much more.

All Hacks are listed by category allowing users to click on the specific hack, which takes them
to the specific hack post. By clicking the download button on each post, they are directed to the download. The Website features a comprehensive FAQ page for answers to all user questions. Servers and website content are heavily monitored for quality so users are assured of no spyware, adware or viruses when they use the programs. For more information, please visit http://hackingedge.com

About Hacking Edge
Hacking Edge is a website to find the latest working hack for the most popular games online. The website has been providing their programs completely free to their community for two years and counting. Their overriding goal is to give the community members an unprecedented gaming advantage via their programs.