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Had Enough? New OnLine Gift Shop Offers Official Sick-of-Winter Apparel, Mugs

U.S. citizens who are have been hit hard during the 2014 winter season can express their feelings with sweatshirts, mugs, hoodies, and other officially-branded merchandise that's available in the "Sick of Winter" online gift shop. Owner of the SickofWinter.US website, Scott Gordon says he offers 7 designs and "lots of empathy."


Athens, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- “The nation is sick to death of this relentless winter,” claims Scott Gordon, owner of a new website and Sick of Winter Gift Shop stocked with officially-branded mugs and apparel.

The growing line of gift items, which Gordon says were created “mostly out of exasperation with the season’s out-of-control weather,” includes ‘Enough!!!’ sweatshirts, ‘I Survived the Winter of 2014' mugs, and ‘Got Snow?’ hoodies and t-shirts.

The product designs were created, “Specifically for those who feel an increasing animosity towards this unforgiving season,” explains Gordon.

“At first, I figured maybe I was the only one sick of this season,” says Gordon, “ but then noticed that, instantly, a fierce, squinty-eyed, seething, murderous look would sweep across the faces of friends and neighbors if anyone mentioned the snow, ice, sleet, winter, freezing-rain, sub-zero temps, snow storms, or blizzards – clearly, certain trigger-words would set them off.”

The project began with a short YouTube video Gordon says he made while snowed in, "to help others understand my feelings about the season and also to maintain a bit of my sanity, Cabin Fever is a dangerous thing."

Gordon, who lives in the Midwest, which, along with the East Coast has been hard-hit by this year’s winter storms, says he then created 7 different designs for shirts and mugs and opened the gift shop, “to help people sort of let-off-steam while alerting others as to how they feel but without actually bringing up the topic.”

“For those of us who have survived the winter,” the SickofWinter.US website owner adds, “wearing the branded items can make people feel like they’re part of a big club or a member of a support group. After all, we've all been through this together.”

While Gordon says he’s not looking to get "excessively rich" off his online venture, he does admit he wouldn’t mind if the gift shop generates enough money to fund “a temporary relocation next winter to somewhere hot and muggy.”

For more Information, visit the website at: SickofWinter.US.
Or, go directly to the official Sick of Winter Gift Shop.

About SickofWinter.US
SickofWinter.US is located in Athens, Ohio and was created after the owner was "snowed-in once too often." After creating a "Sick of Winter" YouTube, artwork inspired by the video was created for sweatshirts, mugs, and other merchandise which is now available through an online gift shop.

Contact: Scott Gordon
website: http://SickofWinter.US
email: scott@sickofwinter.US
Telephone (202-677-5533)