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Hair Plus Tries Replacing Traditional Wigs


Blackpool, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- Hair Plus Hair Building Fibre introduces fast solution to thinning hair that aims to replace the use of potentially harmful traditional wigs. This instant hair thinning solution uses 100% natural ingredients unlike chemical solutions that can cause skin irritations and some wigs that utilize abrasive glues. The product’s whole composition underwent years of meticulous studies and testing to ensure fast action that users can already see in as fast as 30 seconds.

This revolutionary hair loss solution provides immediate effect to the hair by enhancing volume that makes the hair look thick and healthy. At the same time, its active ingredients promote health on the hair fibres to keep them from breaking easily and continuously thinning.

Recommended for both men and women, Hair Plus works on all hair types, transforming them into vibrant assets. The formulation of this product is made more wear-proof against weather and it is guaranteed to stay intact even under heavy sweating. It can be worn on practically any type of weather conditions.

Hair Plus takes the form of a powder-like substance that is being poured topically on the hair to create instant volume and vibrancy. It comes in various shades that can match the color of the user’s natural hair. Shades available are black, dark brown and medium brown. Sensitive skin and hair, such as artificially grown hair fibre and hair transplant, are also safe with Hair Plus.

Although Hair Plus does not wear off easily, it is still easy to wash and only needs regular washing and shampooing to be removed.

Customers are invited to visit Hair Plus’ website and take advantage of the discounted products shown on its sales page. Delivery details are also available on the site. They can also send in inquiries through its Contact Us page.

Hair Plus Hair Building Fibre is an instant hair volume solution and not a hair grower.