Shark Fin Shears

Shark Fin Shears Have Aided Professional Stylists Worldwide

State-of-the-Art Shark Fin Shears have Helped More than Half a Million Professional Stylists from all Over the World in Only Thirteen Years


Randolph, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2013 -- There are many features of Shark Fin’s patented hair styling shears that has made them one of the top choices for the professional stylist in a very short time. Their innovative patented shark fin handle and patented Shear Fit finger fitting system allows the stylist to custom fit their shear to their own exact ring finger and thumb diameter for a relaxed grip for unmatched comfort and control. Shark Fin shears are the only100% ergonomically designed shears available worldwide today. Perfect control gives the stylist more precise cutting power that results in a better finished product every time they cut hair!

Shark Fin hair styling scissors offer a patented finger fitting system that lets stylists relax their hand while they work. This prevents reduces strain on their hand that can occur from hours of repeated motion and an improperly fitted shear. Carpal Tunnel is a nightmare that many hair stylist’s share, experiencing pain and a lack of ability to use their hand. Using Shark Fin shears will not only help them to prevent developing carpal tunnel in the first place, but it can relieve the symptoms and may eliminate these problems for those who have already developed these conditions. Many customers have found that they can cut hair with comfort and ease after years of having limited ability and frequent pain.

Shark Fin professional shears are available in a wide range of models including the standard line and professional line scissors. Customers can also “Contribute to the Cause” with their Breast Cancer Awareness kits. Shop for cutting shears, thinning shears, straight blades, curved blades and scissors for right hand cutters. Shark Fin Shear company is the only company in the world with a full range of left handed shears too. The wide selection includes everything needed for the best hairstyling experience.

About Shark Fin Shear
The Shark Fin Shear Company has been making their unique professional shears for just 13 years and they have only one goal in mind: to offer the professional stylist the most technologically advanced shears in the world. Their hair styling scissors will make your job the most comfortable and healthiest possible. Their shears have been tested for more than 13 years and has shown to dramatically help hairstylists on a daily basis. The right shears will help you enjoy doing what you love most and get the best results every time you cut! For further detail please visit,