Joe Bragg Launches New Temporary Hair Color Craze


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Many people enjoy changing their hair color, sometimes choosing extremely vibrant and exciting shades. The problem with this type of self expression is that there are sometimes situations, such as work or school, where extreme unnatural hair colors aren’t acceptable. This can often dissuade people from taking radical steps with their hair color, instead choosing to focus on more subdued shades. However, new temporary hair coloring methods are helping people change the color of their hair for a single evening.

One temporary hair color related website that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is This site sells chalks that are used to color hair temporarily. Hair Chalkify is taking the hair styling world by storm, and is quickly building up a reputation as the best temporary hair color methods.

The chalks come in a wide array of different shades, from deep sky blue to bright emerald green. The colors are extremely rich and bright, and look great on top of any natural hair color.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our temporary hair coloring chalks are becoming extremely popular. We found that there is a real demand for an exciting way to color the hair that is completely temporary and washes out easily. Of course there have been similar products on the market before, such as spray on temporary hair colors, but we found they leave the hair with a dull appearance. They can also interfere with styling, and the harsh chemicals inside can even damage the hair. Our chalks create extremely bright colors, no matter the natural hair color of the user. They also allow the user a great deal of control over the color of their hair. The product can easily be applied to small areas or even single strands of the hair without getting on the rest of the head, which is almost impossible with any other hair coloring product on the market, whether temporary or permanent. They can even use multiple colors without any ugly mixing. Hair Chalkify is a fantastic solution for anyone who wants to shake up their hairstyle with a burst of color.”

About is a website selling temporary hair coloring chalks, which can be directly applied to the hair in order to create a coloring effect that washes out easily.

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