Joe Bragg Shows How to Chalk Hair Into Wild New Colors


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- Dying hair is a big decision. Hair only grows so fast, and after that dye is applied, changing hair back to its original color can be nearly impossible. For that reason, many people live their whole lives without ever dyeing their hair.

That’s a situation that a new product called Hair Chalk seeks to solve. Made by Hair Chalkify, Hair Chalk is temporary hair coloring that comes in a wide variety of crazy colors. From creatively named colors like ‘Pop Star Pink’ to theme colors like ‘Irish Green’, Hair Chalk wants to help make any night more memorable.

Unlike traditional hair dyes, Hair Chalk is temporary. Wearers simply run a piece of art chalk along a section of their hair until they get the right color. Colors can be mixed and matched to create new colors or to create a rainbow of different colors.

As a Hair Chalkify spokesperson explains, Hair Chalk is designed to be much easier to use than hair dye:

“Temporary and permanent hair dyes require a lot of effort. Wearers need to wash their hair, leave the dye in for the appropriate amount of time, and re-apply until the color is perfect. This can take hours. And who wants to spend hours making sure their hair is perfect? Hair Chalk takes only minutes to apply. All that’s needed is a mirror and a sense of adventure.”

Another advantage of Hair Chalk is that it is 100% safe for the hair. Unlike hair dyes, which use chemicals, bleaches, and other compounds that damage the hair, Hair Chalk is made out of simple ingredients and washes out easily in the shower.

At, visitors will learn all they need to know about Hair Chalk. The front page of the website features tips and tricks for those who are applying Hair Chalk for the first time. For example, the website recommends that blondes who use colorful Hair Chalk shouldn’t wet down their hair before they apply color. Brunettes, however, should wet their hair before chalking, and redheads should only add a little water in order to achieve the perfect coloring effects.

Other tips involve the use of makeup. For example, combining blue hair chalking streaks with cobalt eyeliner and shadow will draw attention to the eyes and face. Jewelry can also complement new hair colors for maximum effect.

About is the online home of Hair Chalk, a new hair coloring trend that allows girls and guys to dye their hair into a number of crazy different colors. The hair dye is safe, temporary, and easy to apply. For more information, please visit: