Joe Bragg Explains the Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Therapy when Treating Women's Hair Loss


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- Hair loss is an embarrassing problem for many women. In fact, many women don’t want to talk about their hair loss problems at all – even to a doctor. However, not only is female hair loss a treatable condition, but women can treat their hair loss problems in discrete ways thanks to new technology.

At, women will discover some of the best hair loss treatment options available today for women. The website discusses why female hair loss occurs in the first place. In most cases, female hair loss occurs as a result of aging, for example, and women’s hair tends to start thinning at around age 50.

Understanding the reasons behind women’s hair loss is important, but most women will be more interested in the hair loss treatment options revealed on A spokesperson for the website explains that there are only five hair loss treatment options available to women:

“We make it simple for women and suggest that there are five treatment options available. First, the woman can simply accept the problem and move on. Second, there are scalp treatments available, although these are rarely effective. Third, we have the ‘cover-up’ defense, where women simply hide their thinning hair with hairpieces and wigs. Fourth, there is hair transplantation surgery, although this tends to be a temporary solution. And last, we have laser hair therapy, which is the most successful female hair loss treatment available today.”

Thanks to laser hair therapy, women all over the world have been able to restore color, vibrancy, and fullness to their hair. As the website explains, laser hair therapy (or LHT), has three significant benefits over other hair loss treatment methods:

- LHT doesn’t involve the use of drugs, chemicals, or synthetically produced compounds
- LHT fills in areas of the scalp where hair is thin or weak
- LHT reduces wound healing time following transplantation surgery and stimulates new hair growth recommends that laser hair therapy be used in conjunction with hair transplantation. When combined, these two treatment methods offer a potent defense against female hair loss. Laser hair therapy stimulates hair growth and prepares the area for surgery, which means that fewer hairs need to be transplanted into the scalp during the actual surgery. And following surgery, recovery times are shortened thanks to the healing powers of laser hair therapy.

At, visitors can receive a free consultation from a female hair loss expert. Whether young or old, female hair loss is a problem that can be treated. And the sooner treatment starts, the more likely it will be successful.

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