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HairDoc TK Launches AZ Hair Extension Salon in Scottsdale, Arizona


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2020 -- HairDoc TK Arizona's renowned hair extensions has recently expanded a new salon and extensions private salon in Scottsdale. The no frills kick back , cozy home away from home , private salon is led by Tammy Kelichner (TK), a certified and licensed natural hair restoration expert with over 35 years of experience. The private salon has garnered the reputation as one of the top places to receive advanced natural hair replacement techniques and nutrition.

She assisted countless clients in overcoming natural hair loss, as well as hair loss faced by cancer patients. Additionally, the private salon excels at providing hair extensions and color corrections. TK hopes to reach a greater number of people in the Scottsdale area with their newly expanded holistic private by appt only hair salon.

This urge to advance her business and expand Aesthetic beauty, and wellnessServices further comes from Tammy Kelichner's willingness to help others. She is an advanced trainer and a holistic hair expert who has consistently worked on providing better hair and health to her clients. Having published her own TED Talk and ran a 5013c foundation for hair loss clients that had cancer, she has unrivaled knowledge and experience. She has personally dealt with kidney cancer, and knows the toll that hair loss can have. As such, she has now dedicated her life to assisting others who face this plight.

Because of this, she aims to make AZ Hair Extension Hair Salon the premier PRIVATE SALON for hair extensions in Scottsdale, AZ. Not many people are able to match her in terms of reputation, training, certifications and listings. With this new team addition , TK hopes to continue providing on the high standard her clients expect from her. She wishes to be the first option that people approach when thinking of hair extensions training and services. TK plans to share her story and inspiration for her willingness to work so passionately in this line of work. This will be done through her book which is set to release soon.

About AZ Hair Extension Hair Salon
AZ Hair Extension Salon is a hair salon run by successful trainer, instructor and volunteer support group lecturer, Tammy Kelichner (TK aka "HairDocTK" is one of the most reputable and experienced names in the area when it comes to hair extensions, coloring and regrowth. She is passionate for this kind of work, having faced hair loss herself. Her new charity is about to launch, as well as a petition to change the laws in Arizona to protect all the licensed professionals and a Salon directory and online store for those she continues to mentor. The salon has recently opened a new branch in Scottsdale, and TK hopes to reach more people through it.