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Hairdresser: Infidelity, Religion and Murder Collide in Gripping Third Novel by Douglas Chandler Graham

Due for release in August of 2014, ‘Hairdresser’ proves that no small town is immune from becoming the subject of an engrossing and wholly-unique murder mystery. Don’t be fooled by convention; the town’s pastor isn’t as innocent as he seems and his wife isn’t afraid to get creative in order to find out who he is seeing behind her back. Think that is tumultuous enough? – There’s also a murderer on the loose.


Holly Hill, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2014 -- While small-town life embodies all that is great about America, the fictional town of Ridgemont Virginia is quickly about to become the arena for an explosive cocktail of unfaithful sex, killing and a pastor whose commitment to God means nothing in the wider scheme of life.

Everything plays out in ‘Hairdresser’, a fun and entertaining new novel by Douglas Chandler Graham. Due for release in August of 2014, the novel and its characters turn all convention on its head. Readers are urged to only to grip their assumptions loosely; because they’ll be turned upside down by the last page.


Divorced hairdresser Shellie Shotwell, owns a small beauty shop in a wide spot in the road in Virginia called Ridgemont.

She starts attending church because the new, young pastor came by the shop recruiting new members. The pastor is married and his wife is pregnant and due in three months. He takes the bait when Shellie mentions the shop is closed Mondays and she does her bookwork then. The pastor runs into another woman, that isn't too modest about nursing her baby, when he stops at her house while still inviting new members.

Most of the workers in Ridgemont work for the one industry in the town, a paint manufacturing company. The founder of the company, Garlow Smith, hires a young man when the paint company is just getting started and he eventually takes over the operation as general manager. The owner/founder finds he has nothing to do and goes to look up an old customer he had when he was peddling paint a gallon or two at a time. He heard the man owned a bar he named Lillie's, his daughter's name, but when he goes to the bar he finds the man died a couple years back. Now, his daughter owns and runs the place. In addition to the bar it is a restaurant and convenience store and a two bay garage, all housed in the same building. Lillie's brother runs the garage. Garlow finds the bar to his liking and visits every day, drinking beer, until the bar closes at night. Garlow, no longer around the company, opens the door to his wife and the young man he hired to start their hanky-panky. Someone kills Garlow, in the parking lot, when he leaves the bar one snowy night,. The county sheriff has no experience with this type murder and has other duties to take care of, so, he appoints a woman deputy to investigate the killing.

The pastor's wife suspects something is going on behind her back and schedules a pot luck supper at the church attempting to find who her husband is seeing. During a pot luck supper, the pastor's infidelities result in an attempted murder charge and more problems for all involved in the cheating.

The woman deputy, by old fashioned investigating and some creative lying, gets a confession from the killer no one suspects.

‘Hairdresser’, to be published by Outskirts Press, is due for imminent release.

To view the author’s other published works, visit: http://amzn.to/TUMgqU.

About Douglas Chandler Graham
Douglas Chandler Graham, growing up he was called Chandler through high school, became Doug Graham thanks to the US Air Force first name, middle initial. Chandler worked at an amusement park summers until eighteen when he joined the air force. Honorably discharged he worked as a Roanoke, Virginia, police officer, then a finance company collector, real estate salesman, radio advertising executive, new car salesman and a mail carrier for the US Postal Service, retiring in 1992. He became a Private Investigator and moved to Florida, January 2000. Traveling, amateur theater, writing and his new hobby, computer animation, has kept him busy since.