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Hale Koolau North Shore Oahu Vacation Rentals Releases New Tourism Report

Release of latest tourism data prompts examination of Hawaii's multitude of lodging options, reports D. Moyer


Hauula, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/11/2014 -- Hawaii's multibillion-dollar tourism industry is booming again, with Hawaii's tourism board reporting that 3.4 million Americans visited one or more of its islands during April, 2014. Almost 100,000 Japanese and about 50,000 Canadians also came to the state during the same time period. With that many people coming to Hawaii in just one month, it's clear that tourism is a huge industry for the Aloha State. It's no wonder that some of its cities seem to have more hotels in them than anything else.

"There's a huge amount of accommodation choices in Hawaii," said D. Moyer of Hale Koolau North Shore Oahu Vacation Rentals (http://www.halekoolau.com), a provider of oceanfront rentals in Hawaii. "Visitors can rent anything from a tiny remote cottage to a penthouse suite in a 5-star resort."

In some cases, lodgings are provided as part of an overall vacation package. "This is a common feature of cruise packages," explained Moyer. "A cruise ship company does more than just provide a luxurious ride over the ocean. It will often reserve hotel rooms for its passengers to use once they arrive in Hawaii. This is fine for someone who is satisfied with the typical, packaged tour experience. Return visitors, however, often choose to see different aspects of the island. Then, they choose cruises that leave the lodgings up to the vacationers."

Tourists also arrive in Hawaii by air, and in these cases, they find their own lodgings once they arrive. These visitors often have some familiarity with the islands and are ready to branch out to staying on the neighbor islands or in places that are off the beaten path.

"Someone who has only seen pictures of Honolulu will often be shocked to learn how many uncrowded beaches we have and how much wilderness there actually is here in Hawaii," Moyer noted. "The same is true for people who usually head straight for a big hotel for lodging. It's actually quite easy to have an entirely different experience just by choosing a different type of accommodations."

One such alternative is to rent a vacation house instead of a hotel. These houses offer a relaxed, home-like atmosphere and are on private land or in small communities that aren't popular with the general public.

"Many people who get these type of beachfront rentals in Hawaii are honeymooners or people who simply want to enjoy a more relaxed Hawaii experience," Moyer said. "The vacation experience in a rental home is much different from one in a hotel. In our vacation houses, visitors can get Wi-Fi and are close enough to the city to enjoy it, yet are far enough away that it's easy to get away from the hustle and truly relax."

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Hale Koolau North Shore Oahu Vacation Rentals offers beachfront vacation rentals in Hawaii that are located in Hauula, which is a small fishing village next to Honolulu. The business is family-owned and operated, and is ranked #1 in specialty lodging in the area and in the Top 5 for all of Oahu.