Half a Payment Is Now Offering Convenient Payment Options


Harrisburg, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Half A Payment is a bi-weekly payment option that provides information worldwide about the payments that are handled accurately and securely for the loan duration. The exclusive biweekly processor controls the entire process of initiation to settlement in a professional manner. Half A payment is a payment service option that collects payments from the clients automatically and delivers it to the lenders on client’s behalf. Half A payment is not a lender. There are endless options available such as monthly payments, automatic weekly payments, the biweekly payments and pick a specific day payment.

Half A Payment provides you a facility to make credit card payments, auto lease payments, mortgage payments, auto loan payments, student loan payments and any type of recurring bill payment. The decision of time of payment is decided by the customer, i.e. when they want to pay their bills. This is because Half A Payment collects half the payment every two weeks which corresponds perfectly to the pay cycle. Many people prefer to pay their bills in a day or two after they get paid so that they are not tempted to spend their bill amount.

It is a great deal for clients to save and avoid thousands of dollars of interest by shortening the loan amount with biweekly boat loan, biweekly school loan, biweekly credit cards, biweekly mortgage, biweekly auto loan, biweekly lease by paying automatic biweekly payments. The mission of Half A Payment website is to assist their customers how to reduce their interest and principle by making half a payment biweekly (in every two weeks). When you visit Half A Payment website you will be allowed to easily customize the timing of your payment. Instead of making monthly payment you will be prompted to make just half the payment every two weeks. Over the time, the biweekly payment pattern will gradually reduce the balance that is remaining in a more rapid manner than a monthly payment method or semi monthly payment method. Moreover, you can time your payments according to your paydays. This is how Half A Payment website works. When the customer visits the website he can calculate the savings that Half A Payment processor calculates. A customer can get entire information regarding the saving they would achieve in order to make payments, mortgages, student loans, car loans, timeshare payments, credit card bills or any other bill on a biweekly basis. The bill is paid on time every time.

About Half A Payment
Half A Payment has been in operation for over 10 years. Over $4 Billion has been processed in consumer biweekly loan payments. Half A Payment has emerged as one of the nation’s leading administrators in biweekly loan administration programs. Half A Payment’s biweekly payment option is managing its customer’s finances and helping them achieve long term financial goals in a better manner. It allows its customers to customize the timing of payment. The customer can make the Half a payment every two weeks instead of paying the entire amount once.

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