Half Moon Whole Foods Special Gift Hampers for the Festive Season

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Saltash, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2013 -- Half Moon Whole Foods is a healthy dietary store located in Brampton, Cumbria. The store that is located in the heart of the historic town and has a large collection of aromatic items, home brew, health products, household, toiletries, whole foods and the most special gift hampers. This year, Half Moon Home Foods has some of the best customized hampers in different varieties that are selected carefully for the festive gifting.

The items for the gift hampers are selected from the special products in the shop and are customized to suit all people especially those who have dietary requirements or prefer a specific type of food or brand. Half Moon Whole Foods has a wide range of these gift hampers that can be also purchased online. This option is the most suitable for people who want to gifts someone staying far, do not have the time to buy gifts or simply want to make the festive shopping, easy creative and healthy.

The price range of the hampers is from $27 to $75 of 13 categories that have some impressive selection of products. The entire collection is healthy, unique and includes some great options that are generic and ideal to gift men, women and families. This special hampers can be gifted to employees in the office, colleagues, parents, bosses, friends, children and anyone who is special to you.

The diabetic hamper is one of the best selections and consists of Christmas pudding, organic oatcakes, chicken consomee, chilli and min sauces and green tea to mention a few. The large gluten free hamper has tasty fruit cake, cheese chutney, crumbles, oat cakes, rosehip syrup, lemon wafers and chocoalte truffles. The special herbal remedies hamper has a large collection relaxing Tisser gift hamper, Tisser Uplifting and Wildfern Toiletries gift hamper. The organic food hamper and and the North African Moroccan Food Hamper has unique varieties that are new in Cumbria so gifting this is definitely creative.

Whether it’s Christmas, New Year or any of these days of the festive season, the gift hampers are available for sale in stores and online. Half Moon Whole Foods warmly welcomes all customers who want to make this season and warm and special for their loved ones with the best gif hampers.