Interactive Ward Lovett

Hall Green Begins to Make Greyhound Racing Cool


Cannock, West Midlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- Greyhound racing has been a familiar part of Northern British working class culture, and it is one of the few elements of that culture to escape a renaissance in the last 20 years. Sadly, it has remained resolutely uncool. However, major changes in greyhound stadiums across the country are starting to change this, and the sport seems to be entering a new era of glamour and accessibility.

One stadium leading the way in this relentless charge into the new is Hall Green Greyhound Stadium. The official website can be found at Long beloved by the people of Solihull, changes at the Hall Green Greyhound Stadium have widened their audience far beyond the traditional greyhound racing fan base. Now people from all walks of life are visiting the stadium, and it is continually being recognized as one of the best things to do in Solihull.

The main change in perception has come from the new restaurant. Food available at greyhound stadiums has traditionally been a long way from haute cuisine, but the restaurant at Hall Green has completely defies those prejudices by serving up a culinary offering that is being widely described as one of the finest places to eat in Solihull.

Of course that’s not the only change that has helped Hall Green challenge public perceptions. They have put together a huge number of great value hospitality packages in an attempt to position the stadium as the ideal destination for corporate nights out and similar excursions. Many people who have come as part of an office trip have enjoyed the experience so much that they are coming back with their family and friends.

A spokesperson for the stadium said: “We know greyhound racing inside out, and we know why it is so appealing to our core group of hardcore fans. It’s a great value way to have fun in austere times, and we definitely didn’t want to change that. However we recognized that it was time to try and appeal to a wider audience, people who may not have set foot in a greyhound stadium before. We think, with the changes that we’ve introduced, we have achieved a good balance. We’ve retained all the important things that make greyhound racing great, while adding on elements that appeal to the average consumer. Our goal is for Hall Green to be one of the best nights out in Solihull. If you come along, we’re confident you will see that we have succeeded.”

About is the homepage of Hall Green Greyhound Stadium in Solihull. Every Friday and Saturday evening there are over three hours of racing.

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