GoogleNewsSubmit Announces the Top 10 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Stencils for 2012


Bridgeport, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- One of the most popular and fun Halloween and fall activity for kids and adults alike is Pumpkin Carving. Having the most unique and showstopper pumpkin on your front yard is sure to make you and your kids the talk of the neighborhood this fall., the top resource for Free Halloween Pumpkin carving patterns on the web, reveals its top pumpkin carving ideas for 2012 that will make your neighbors envious of your creativity! We have included a list of free resources where you can download and print these top pumpkin carving patterns and stencils.

- Haunted House: One of the oldest memories everyone has of Halloween is an old and abandoned haunted house. We all have childhood memories of at least one such haunted house in our neighborhood. What better than to rekindle those spooky childhood fantasies by carving a Haunted House Pumpkin this Halloween! An old house with big mysterious windows, and a couple of bats flying out of the house, makes for a pretty spooky pumpkin, and never fails to capture the spirit of Halloween.

- Howling Wolf: For those of us who have lived in the countryside, or for those who have watched too many werewolf movies as a kid, the image of a howling wolf brings back memories of a wolf howling at the moon, and transforming into a Wolfman at midnight! When the neighbors walk past your dark front yard, they are sure to have chills running down their spines with the scary thoughts this howling wolf pumpkin evokes.

- Angry Birds: Who doesn’t love the game Angry Birds?! If you have kids who swear by their iPhones, then you just cannot go wrong with this one! Kids and adults alike will identify with an Angry Birds theme pumpkin, and will make place you on top of the popularity charts with the neighborhood kids. This is certainly one of the top Halloween pumpkin carving patterns this year. If you have just moved into the neighborhood, and are looking to make friends with the family crowd, this one is a winner. Choose your favorite Angry Bird character from Speedy, Socko, Big Red or even the evil Green Pigs! Or if you are more creative, you could even try creating an entire Angry Birds scene.

- Amazing Spiderman: The world needs superheroes. And who better, than one of the most loved superheroes of our times, the Amazing Spiderman to greet and amaze everyone on your porch. With the success of the film, The Amazing Spiderman, this Halloween pumpkin carving idea is on top of everyone’s to-do list. Kids and adults alike will love to see their favorite superhero on your pumpkin. You can choose to do a huge Spiderman face on your pumpkin or an entire Spiderman crawling across your pumpkin.

- The Dark Knight: And while we are on the topic of superheroes, no one is more apt for a spooky Halloween pumpkin than ‘Batman’ or ‘The Dark Knight’ himself. With ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ movie becoming the top grossing movie of all time, this is a must-do for all Batman fans. You could either carve a Batman silhouette or go crazy and carve the baddest and scariest villain of them all, ‘The Joker’ on your pumpkin. Either ways your pumpkin is sure to be a hit. A word of advice though; just don’t go overboard, and avoid any sensitive references to the recent tragedy that occurred during the screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

- Tinkerbell Fairy: If you have a little girl in your family, this magical fairy pumpkin will be the one she will never forget! Make sure you carve her magic wand with stars around its tip, symbolizing the magical fairy dust she sprinkles all over and turns the ordinary into something special! Trust us, your little girl will never want Halloween to end when she sees this Tinkerbell Pumpkin on your front yard!

- Skull Pumpkin: The skull represents the dead and the departed. There is a Celtic belief that the dead re-visit the earth in the form of spirits. The Skull is therefore one of the most recognizable symbols of Halloween. Nothing is spookier than a huge scary glowing skull pumpkin on your porch. This one is a classic, and never gets old. It always manages to spook people out, no matter what, and is one of our all-time top picks for pumpkin carving ideas.

- Graveyard Tree Pumpkin: For the more creatively inclined, this scary graveyard scene will satisfy your creative hunger, and will have your friends and family amaze at your genius! Complete with gravestones, and eerie owl, and jack-o-lanterns hanging from a dead tree, this is one of the most downloaded pumpkincarving stencil by enthusiasts. Do this pumpkin, and you will be crowned the creative king or queen of your block!

- Transformers Theme Pumpkins: One of the most popular science fiction trilogies of modern times, The Transformers movies are one of the top inspirations for pumpkin carving patterns this year. Whether it is Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, The Fallen ,Megatron, Arcee, or whoever your favorite Transformers toy is, a Transformers theme pumpkin will turn heads.

- Classic Jack-O-Lantern: Come what may, the classic, good old jack-o with his funny and scary-yet-cute face will never go out of style. Loved by kids, adults and seniors, the classic Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin carving pattern remains the most downloaded on the internet. A lot of variations on this classic are available for free download.

We suggest, this Halloween, choose a pumpkin carving idea that you and your kids can do together and make pumpkin carving a family activity that your whole family can bond over. With our huge collection of free pumpkin carving patterns, you are sure to find one that catches your or your kids fancy. After all, the holidays are all about family and friends coming together and making memories that last a lifetime! Happy Halloween!