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Halo-Orangees International Online Job Board - Poised to Redefine the Face of Employment

By allowing employers to post jobs to multiple boards with a single click, search for the most skilled employees and do it with limitless annual access, Halo-Orangees International Online Job Board is tipped to unite organizations with elite personnel like never before.


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- The rise in digital technology was initially a saving grace to many employers. However, as internet adoption boomed, sourcing new talent for organizations became a confusing and laborious process. Now, thanks to a new international job board, the face of employment is about to undergo yet another revolution.

Halo-Orangees job board has been purpose-built from the ground up, including the intuitive ease-of-use that employers demand, while doing away with features that only serve to hinder the hiring process. In fact, their mission statement says it all, “Helping Advocate Longevity of Organizations by Obtaining Objectives through Redefining Above-Board New Generational Guidelines for Employer-Employee”.

At the helm of their offering is a landmark feature; the ability to post unlimited jobs for a year, to multiple job boards through the click of a single button. Every posting plan also includes featured ads, live URLs, image and video upload capabilities.

“Our core aim is to deliver candidates to organizations on time and under budget,” says B.L. Brown, who developed Halo-Orangees job board after an extensive study of existing resources.

She continues, “This is the ideal time to collaborate with Halo-Orangees’ job board to obtain productivity high performing employees, while reducing operating/personnel costs. Employers can post jobs and search resume database. When you post jobs in Halo-Orangees career center the response is impressively dead on.”

One of the site’s Premium features is a powerful resume database. Through the use of powerful search technology, employers can source candidates based on highly-targeted criteria. Conversely, candidates from around the world are invited to upload their resume and wait for the ‘perfect match’ to take place.

“When searching for employment understanding the value of the mind-set is essential. The benefit of understanding the value of the mind-set is life changing. Halo-Orangees takes pride in delivering job seekers who are eager and overjoyed for new opportunities,” Brown adds.

The team at Halo-Orangees understand the true value of giving back to their community. Therefore, all Halo-Orangees customers that are actively participating in any Adopted School program will receive a free Jobs Posting Subscription Plan for their Adopted School. With no expiry date, this benefit allows customers to increase their charitable giving credentials.

With such a revolutionary offering, the team at Halo-Orangees is committed to encouraging their customers to change their mind-set for a focus on better results. With this in mind, the site’s team maintains an inspirational blog. As an online global community, uniting people from all stages of life, the blog’s content encourages others to change their focus and open their hearts to new possibilities.

“Our Blog delivers reinforcement and inspiration to our community of readers to never give up, by taking the totality of their negative experiences, roll them up into one, and use them positively to lay the foundation to their destiny,” Brown concludes.

Rarely does a job board and online community afford the care, inspiration and motivation of Halo-Orangees. It’s easy to see why critics expect the website to become something of a global phenomenon.

Halo-Orangees Job Board websites: http://www.halo-orangeesjobs.com

Halo-Orangees Blog: http://www.halo-orangeesllc.com

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About B.L. Brown
B.L. Brown is the CEO and Founder of Halo-Orangees', international online job board (halo-orangeesjobs.com).

In 2012 Author B.L. Brown launched Halo-Orangees/h-connect brand, international online dating website h-connect.net. The h-connect.net brand is empowering, motivating singles to find their best friend in love.