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Hammerhead Strength Equipment Launches Expanded Product Line to Meet Surging Demand


Victor, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2014 -- It used to be the case that strength training was considered something only for bodybuilding fanatics, but now, more and more studies show that it is essential for fat loss. This has caused throngs of people to become interested in it that otherwise wouldn't have been. In response, Hammerhead Strength Equipment and other providers of weight training equipment have greatly expanded their lines to meet this surging demand.

"The common wisdom for weight loss used to be pretty simple," said Matt Cosley, a representative of Hammerhead Strength Equipment. "Standard advice was simply to eat less and exercise more. This does cause weight loss, but people have realized that not all weight loss is the same. Improper practices cause muscle loss, so a dieter can lose weight and still be quite unhealthy. In fact, someone who loses weight the wrong way can end up weaker and less healthy than someone who does nothing!"

A simple solution to this problem is to replace generic exercise with strength training. By lifting weights and otherwise building strength, a person tells his or her body to keep the muscle tissue intact and burn the fat instead. Lowering the body's fat percentage, rather than losing nonspecific "weight," is what brings both health gains and improvements in appearance.

"Most people should start with a simple strength training program because they aren't used to this sort of workout when they first begin. Once gains have been noticed, however, many decide to take things to the next level. Going to the gym works for some, but that requires spending time commuting and spending money on memberships." Cosley said. "Eventually, someone who is serious about strength training will want to bring the gym home instead of doing it the other way around."

Bringing the gym home, in most cases, involves setting up a private weight room in the garage or another suidable area of the house. Garages are especially good for this because their floors are already made to handle the weight of one or more cars.

"Our selection allows individuals to get the exact same equipment they'd get at a membership gym," Cosley noted. "In fact, we also supply commercial gyms with our items."

Hammerhead Strength Equipment offers seemingly everything that can be found in a gym, including barbells, bumpers, kettlebells, squat racks, and more. Even better, all of these things are made in the USA. The company has clearly done all that it can to bring its fans everything they could hope to want in the line of serious gym equipment.

"The one thing you won't find at Hammerhead is the latest gadget seen on TV," Cosley said. "We're about real gym equipment that real athletes will approve of and that will bring the gains our customers are looking for."

About Hammerhead Strength Equipment
Hammerhead Strength Equipment is a provider of American-made gym equipment. It has its own brand, but also offers other brands when necessary to ensure a full selection and allow one-stop equipment shopping.