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Hammer's Moving & Storage Gives Movers Tips for Packing This Holiday Season


Lansdale, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2016 -- The stresses of the holidays are wearing most movers thin when trying to gather up their things this season. Juggling boxes while trying to illicit holiday spirit is an extremely difficult task. Hammer's Moving & Storage does not want movers to experience hardship while undergoing the feat of packing. Instead, they provide tips that will alleviate much of the conflict associated with picking up a life and taking it elsewhere.

When boxes are labeled not just with words, but also with an image of the contents before being sealed, it will make the task of unpacking it a lot smoother. Knowing exactly what is in a box will help do wonders in remembering what is packed and what is not--what is missing and what is already included. Along with the picture, should also be a clear sign indicating where the box is destined to go (bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc.), and also what it is (because reading is faster than deciphering an image). The box can be color-coded or numbered as well, to make organization that much better.

Hammer's Moving & Storage wants to also remind movers to pack heavier items in the bottom and lighter items on the top of boxes. In order to avoid breakage or an unbalanced box, this method is important to keep in mind. No one wants to pick up a wiggling box to try and carry!

Hammer's Moving & Storage, professional residential movers in Main line, PA, can assist with any moving needs as well, significantly lessening the turmoil many movers face while trying to relocate during the holidays. It is often better to rely on those with experience to take care of precious items and all the heavy lifting.

Aside from being residential movers in Bucks County, PA, Hammer's Moving & Storage can handle storage for movers who need to store their belongings between closing and moving in. To contact them for more information, please visit their website or call them at: 215-664-8268.

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