Newton's Hammocks

Hammock Rocker Helps Soothe Worries and Ease Tension

Newton’s Hammocks Celebrates One Year Anniversary of the Hammock Rocker Launch


Portland, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/27/2016 -- The hammock experience can be mesmerizing. Aficionados can imagine themselves relaxing in a hammock on a warm, breezy afternoon – a quietly exhilarating experience. Lying motionless, at peace with the world and fretting about nothing is the near-perfect escape. The best way to improve this experience is to sway slowly back and forth. According to the U.S. Patent Office, there are numerous "electro-mechanical devices," some with 200+ parts that fit the bill. What these machines accomplish with much sound and fury Newton's Hammock Booster does quietly with just two functional components – a stick and a string. The entire device includes a small clip that connects the string to the stick, and a thin 6-inch piece of wood to wind the string for storage.

"Blue-collar, white-collar or no-collar, it doesn't matter," says Dr. Cherackal Chacko, retired physicist and founder of Newton's Hammocks, "…when workers return home they should be able to relax and recharge, and I have not found a better way to do so than to unwind in a gently swinging hammock."

Newton's Hammocks is celebrating the anniversary of the launch of the Booster by reminding current and prospective customers of two things:

One: improving the functional parts of the Newton's Hammock Booster is not a difficult thing to do. The average person, however, is unlikely to reproduce the Booster 's quality of material and workmanship without spending a fortune on expensive components. The caveat of an improvised rocker is the hygiene. Every time someone use the hammock they are forced to drive the device into the ground – effectively making the cleaning and storage a continual headache.

Two, Newton's Hammock Booster is a thoughtful, green gift, and the company is starting a policy of volume discounts for its customers.

Newton's Hammock is a product distinguishable from competitors in multiple ways:

-No batteries or power source required.
-No switches or buttons to push or turn.
-Minimal effort required.
-Lightweight (less than 6 oz.
-All in perfect silence!
-Green, handcrafted, domestic product
-Self-operated, total privacy, no external intervention needed

Modern life, especially life in America these days, feels like all work and no play. For most of us it is easier to put in eight hours of honest work for our employer than to spend 30 minutes on ourselves in a truly relaxed state. Achieving that release of tension, especially in our nerves and muscles, is a difficult thing to do on a regular basis. However, Newton's Hammock Booster is a special piece of equipment that helps realize the very best in relaxation and soothing sensations – and it is one that is sure to please its clientele for years to come.

About Newton's Hammocks
Newton's Hammocks is a boutique Connecticut-based company that debuted the Hammock Rocker in February 2015. The company has integrated its products into its own offices. At Newton's Hammocks, it is mandatory that every employee spend half an hour — for which they get paid — in a hammock, either at home or at work.