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Hammocks Outdoors Month

The month of June is not only when the summer season begins, but it has also come to be known as Great Outdoors Month. The month is aimed at reminding people of the many benefits that come with being active outdoors as well as reinforcing the many visual splendors Mother Nature provides.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2019 -- Humans lead very active schedules, but it isn't necessary to get too carried away to enjoy an outdoor experience. It can be something as simple as pitching a tent in the yard. For families with young children that aren't yet familiar with camping, it's a great way to introduce the idea gradually.

Again, there is no need to overdo or overthink to make the outdoor experience enjoyable for everyone. Some popular traditions like s'mores and a flashlight are always a good time for everyone. A few board or card games also provide fun without resorting to electronics and still encouraging time with friends and family.

Don't forget to include useful gear like mosquito nets when outdoors. Nicamaka has lots of different items to make the outdoor experience that much more enjoyable.

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Based in Miami, Florida, Nicamaka Distributors, Inc. is one of South Florida's leading providers of travel goods and outdoor products such as hammocks and mosquito nets. The company also sells event tents, canopies, hammock stands and chairs, patio items, and umbrellas. For additional information on the company's varied collection of outdoor products, call 866-377-1224.