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Hammond Law Group, LLC Announces 24-Hour Immediate Response to Residents of Cleveland and Surrounding Areas


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2017 -- An immigration law firm in Cleveland, Ohio recently announced that the firm will begin providing round-the-clock consultation services to the community. Hammond Law Group, LLC provides the community with legal defense throughout the immigrant community, as well as services to local businesses to assist in the hiring of area immigrants. The 24-hour consultation service is designed to assist local area immigrants and businesses with after-hour questions or concerns that may arise.

"We understand that sometimes problems or issues come up after our offices have closed for the day. In many cases, it is hard for people to contact us during regular business hours due to their working hours. To try to accommodate our clients and the community, we have developed a 24-hour immediate response plan to help assist people with their questions or concerns. We believe this round-the-clock communication coverage will become a valuable tool to several people throughout our community," said Attorney Philip Eichorn, Partner in Charge of the Cleveland branch of Hammond Law Group, LLC.

About Hammond Law Group, LLC
Hammond Law Group, LLC offers a broad range of immigration law services throughout the Cleveland community. The firm provides legal advice to businesses and corporations wanting to obtain an employment visa, guiding them through the paperwork and legal process. Additionally, the firm helps individuals and families achieve legal citizenship by helping them through the paperwork and legal process of obtaining a Green Card, Marriage or Engagement Visa, and Visas for Parents and Children, among others. The firm also specializes in defending immigrates against deportation and provides criminal defense services. "We believe everyone has the right to live in America and live the 'American Dream.' We will do everything we can to help people achieve that goal and defend their right to obtain citizenship," said Mr. Eichorn.

For more information about Hammond Law Group, LLC, please visit or call 866-448-2994.

Media Contact:
Philip Eichorn
Address: 812 Huron Rd E #290, Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone: 216-970-7102