Hanaya, Inc.

Hanaya Inc. Offers Torque Friction Hinges with Quality Assurance


Dr. Ponte Vedra, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- Hanaya Inc. the expert artisan in hinge manufacturing offers torque friction hinges with an assurance of impeccable quality. Their ranges of torque friction hinges are available in both balance and unbalanced torque, while all the bands are nickel plated for corrosion resistance functionality. All the hinges have been quality tested to meet a minimum life span of 30,000 cycles with a consistent smooth feel and torque.

Hinges might be just one of the component but its functionality and durability has to be insured for smoothing functioning. Hanaya Inc. – the veteran and an expert in manufacturing quality torque friction hinges – has been delivering quality hinges with great functionality and features. They manufacture hinges with ability to mix and match different shaft, housing, and adapters to satisfy varied mounting configurations.

Their torque hinges are popular in laptop computer industry but are also useful in medical devices, along with various applications in aerospace and automotive industries. They work closely with the design teams associated with the biggies like IBM, Ricoh, Audiovox, Boeing, and others to develop the torque hinges in their applications.

They have 3 variants of standard torque hinges the 1000 series, 2000 series and 3000 series. The 1000 series torque hinges offers torque ranging from 0 to 20 in. lb. m. while the 2000 series have torque ranging from 15 to 30 in. lb. and the 3000 series with torque ranging from 30 to 40+ in. lb. They make use of unique and most relevant processes and materials that are unique and most appropriate for the industry they are serving.

About Hanaya Inc.
Hanaya Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of friction hinges used in many commercial and industrial applications, including electronics, medical, marine, automotive and home products. Their friction hinges have been engineered and tested to provide smooth consistent torque over life. They have a standard line of friction hinges ranging in torque from 0 to over 100 in. lb. In addition to their standard line of products, they also work with customers to produce semi-custom or fully custom hinges solutions to fit their OEM applications.

To know more about them please visit http://www.hanayainc.com/custom_hinges.htm or call them at 1-888-544-6437.