Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits

Hand-Forged Texas BBQ Smokers for Sale Including Offset Smokers, Vertical Smokers, and Horizontal Smokers Deliver Authentic Texas BBQ Pit Flavor

Hand-forged Texas BBQ smokers from Texas Original Pits are famed for their fully welded construction. Custom smokers, offset smokers and vertical offset smokers are showcased alongside Texas BBQ grills and Texas fire pits


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2020 -- For the distinct and authentic Texas barbecue flavors known and loved by many, BBQ smokers are an investment in time. The well-developed aromas and tastes associated with meat smokers develop over a period of several hours during which time the fire must be tended and the temperatures must be controlled. The type of wood used in the smoker imparts characteristic flavor, with some of the most popular fuels being mesquite which is a slow-burning hardwood often found in Texas smokers, delivering a light, smoky, sweet flavor, and hickory which has a strong and only slightly sweet smoky taste. The pecan tree is in the hickory family and its slow-burning quality makes it a good choice for a long barbecue resulting in a delicate flavor. Meat smokers for sale can be found in a range of styles at many price points. As backyard enthusiasts develop their skills using their smoker there are some key quality features to look out for. Cheaper BBQ smokers for sale may have been mass-produced with a construction process that utilizes bolts or fasteners. These weaker areas on the smoker allow for heat leaks to occur and make maintaining a constant and controllable temperature more difficult. Another way to produce a cheaper but less effective and efficient barbecue smoker is to use thinner and therefore more economical steel pipes and plates. Although this smoker is lighter in weight, the superior construction methods favored by Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits ensure that each BBQ pit is fully welded with no bolts or fasteners, and its sturdy frame is comprised of 1/4" steel pipe and 3/16" steel plate. The skilled team of craftsmen also know the importance of maximizing heat retention and maintaining an even cooking temperature. A beneficial side effect of this is minimizing wood consumption. A 21 point quality inspection is standard as part of the process. Offset smokers and vertical smokers can be customized by choosing a size, lid types, reverse flow design and several upgrades can be bundled together for overall savings as part of the 'fully loaded' package. Alongside the bbq smokers at Texas Original Pits, smoker grill models are also sold. The steel wagon wheels, heavy-duty grates, and classic Texas grill design ensure a rugged appearance and quality performance.

About Texas Original Pits
Based in Houston, Texas Original Pits is a manufacturing company known for its trusted Texas Barbecue Grills, BBQ Smokers for sale, and Fire Pits. Since 2007 their goal has been to create well-made, hand-built, BBQ Pits. Combining their experience and passion for cooking Texas-style BBQ with manufacturing experience from the oil and gas industry, they have developed a predictable and repeatable construction method using only the highest quality materials. The products are equally suited to the needs of competition BBQ and backyard enthusiasts. No compromise exists in the design, materials, construction, or finish of the Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits. Popular products include Texas meat smokers like their Luling offset smokers, Vertical smokers, Pearsall smokers, Spindletop fire pits, Corsicana grills, Ranger Camper grills, and the Texas hog roaster and grill. Ordering online via the website is an easy process and there are selections to be made for sizes and lid types. The most popular accessories can be bundled together as part of the 'fully loaded' upgrade package, saving money compared to buying each accessory separately.

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