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Handle with Care: Powerful New Novella Twists Fiction to Address Real-World Issues of Trauma & Forgiveness.

Written by Emily Porterfield, ‘Handle with Care’ takes readers to the sandy coast of Oregon and into the raw yet vivid world of trauma recovery. Covering a huge range of emotions from love to defeat, the novella ultimately empowers readers to face their own issues of forgiveness and trauma.


Lincoln, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- While most emerging writers use their first few publications to simply test the literary waters, Emily Porterfield is proof that formative releases are also an opportunity to turn the literary spotlight onto bold issues in society. ‘Handle with Care’, Porterfield’s first major release, achieves this acclaim with gusto.

The novella fuses a gripping and poignant love story with a thought-provoking insight into destructive inner-demons.


“It’s normal to feel that way.”

One phrase - six small words - destroys therapist Abigail Miles’ life. She is running from a past that haunts her, and from the person that she used to be. Made a pariah by both the media and her colleagues, Abby seeks refuge in a sleepy town in Oregon. All she wants is some time and space – to be left alone; she hopes to find peace in solitude. Tormented by her past, she shies away from everyone, terrified people will discover who she is.

But the gentle patience of widower Craig Port and his young daughter, throws what Abby knows into doubt. Her profession is to know people, yet she is a total stranger to herself. She believes she doesn't deserve the kindness of others, let alone their mercy or their love.

When something blossoms between the Craig and Abby, she is overcomed by the demons in her self-imposed torture chamber. She no longer trusts her own perceptions, doubting everything and everyone – most of all, herself. Can Abby trust Craig's insights enough to risk what he has to offer? Or will she keep on running... from herself?

Handle with Care is a sweet contemporary romance, a journey of forgiveness, of ownership, and of recovery from trauma.

As the author explains, her book speaks directly to the millions of Americans struggling to forgive themselves for events they did not cause.

“It’s a compassionate insight into learning how to forgive yourself – something everyone struggles with. The emotions experienced throughout the narrative are highly tangible and designed to offer hope and empathy to those recovering from trauma,” says Porterfield.

Continuing, “Someone said. ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’. I say that the road to hell is paved in ‘What Ifs’. Hindsight regret hurts. My narrative offers a harsh lesson in the dangers of taking responsibility or ownership for the problems of others. I’ve worked with thousands of people who have destroyed their own lives by blaming themselves for the problems of others – so I’m now exploring this through fiction. It’s definitely fiction for real life.”

With the book’s demand increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Handle with Care’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1dop4G2.

More information can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emilyporterfieldbooks.

About Emily Porterfield
Emily resides in the heartland. Her neighbors are cowboys & indian teritory, ranchers and farmers. She loves roaring fires, quiet moments at home, Bonair Riesling and is fascinated by embers. Emily has been writer for most of her life. She started writing in her early teens, primarily prose, poetry, lyrics, and nonfiction. She was first published in college - publishing multiple pieces every year. Emily is a composer, explorer, nature photographer and amateur filmmaker. You’ll usually find her living off the beaten path enjoying many a Norman Rockwell moments. When she isn't stargazing, hanging out at the farmer's market, mastering a Rachmaninov or Debussy piece, or hugging trees, you will find her writing romantic comedies, romantic suspense and dramas, in bite-sized novellas and novels.