Handmade Cards by Creating Special Moments "One Woman Struggle to Start Up a Business from Her Hobbies to Make It Online"


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2013 -- A young mum of 2 children, decided to start up an online shop that sell handmade cards and handmade invitations along with Shambala bracelet.  However, the struggle was great to open up the new online store.  Of course, Mrs Martin never gave up on her dream to start her business, in which is a ‘personal passion’ of hers said, Mrs Martin.  The online store which is has just opened up to the public with an array of exciting handmade cards of all flavours and flamboyant designs.

When we asked Mrs Martin, the owner of Creating Special Moments, “what inspired you to make handmade cards?” Mrs Martin said, “one day I decided to flick through the sky channels and came acrosscreate and craft channel, where they sold handmade card stuff.”  They appealed to me, as if the cards spoke to me.”“I then bought some of their kits and ever since I started my love affair for making cards that express my artistic voice.”

The name creating special moments came from the idea that when someone receives a card/gift it will create a special feeling of appreciation that could last.  When we asked the creator of this company, “what made you open this business online?”  Mrs Martin replied, “Whenever I made the cards for my friends and my husband’s friends they were more than happy… some of them even framed the cards!” “I mean framed cards?!” “I have never heard of that before”.

From what I can see, Mrs Martin’s website is great in design and easy to use for all ages.  I had tried and tested ordering from her site and I have to say, ‘it was fast and the site has a neat function where I can personalised my cards message, so that it has my own voice.’  ‘Which means, if would like to add an image,can in my card.’

Creating Special Moments are innovative and fresh, what I like are the shaped cards like heart, handbags, and Mickey and Minnie mouse cards.  Ordinarily, within the handmade card industry online, many big sites aren’t catering for men cards too much if they are it’s not as stylish as the female handmade cards designs.  Mrs Martin’s site provides exceptional men designs.  I must say she went far above and beyond.

I asked Mrs Martin, so what’s your typical shopper that buys online from your site, surprisingly, she replied, “most of our customers are males.”  “You would have thought it would be women buying up the cards though, not necessarily correct, however I do get the femalecustomers on occasions too.

I asked Mrs Martin how she sees Creating Special Moments growing by the end of this year. “Well, John, all I can say is… we can only hope for that best that it takes off like a forest fire because my designs are very popular and they are well received by my customers.”  So my business model relies on them spreading the word over time.  Let’s leave it to the public to decide how well my business will grow.  I am looking to go global as well that would be fun too but I don’t want to be too busy making cards all day and missing out on family life.”

Creating Special Moments “That Lasts For A Lifetime”

I must say that is a bold and clear statement of this business intention.  I can’t speak for the public however; I found Mrs Martin’s card designs to be the exceptional I have come across so far.

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