Securitization Audit Company Offers Handwriting Expert Affidavits


Cheyenne, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- As foreclosure crisis rages on, one company has continuously sought new ways to provide evidence of foreclosure and securitization fraud to homeowners. They’ve just upped the ante and included a handwriting expert in their services.

Paladin Securitization Auditors focuses specifically on providing solid evidence of foreclosure, mortgage, and securitization fraud to homeowners. They are constantly searching for ways to exceed the bar they have already set so high. Recently, to answer the need of several foreclosure defense cases that were using Paladin’s mortgage audits, they have hired a nationally recognized handwriting expert.

For any homeowners that are behind on their mortgage payments or that are nearing foreclosure, this is especially exciting news. Now, they can challenge the validity of any documents provided by robo-signers by having Paladin’s handwriting expert examine them. Upon finding a forgery, the handwriting expert will provide written proof which can be used in a foreclosure defense case.

A spokesperson for Paladin Securitization Auditors said,

“Our team has found that the most common reason a foreclosure case gets thrown out of court is because of the ambiguity in the chain of custody for mortgage documents. Having a handwriting expert on staff simplifies this process and allows us to provide irrefutable proof of a forgery from banks, servicers, lenders, and/or robo-signers. “

“The chances of having your foreclosure case dismissed become exponentially greater with our handwriting expert.”

Paladin Securitization Auditors’ handwriting expert has a long list of credentials and is a court qualified Forensic Document Examiner. Highlighted credentials include:

- In court over 60 cases
- Deposed over 20 times
- 100% accepted as credible witness and an expert in her field by judges and opposition
- Examined over 500 document examination cases involving over 6500 documents.
- Trained with the International School of Forensic Document Examination and has apprenticed under a - leading court-qualified Forensic Document Expert.

Additionally, their handwriting expert is available expert witness testimony and depositions.

If you are a homeowner looking at foreclosure or a foreclosure defense attorney this valuable service could be just what you need to tip the scales of justice your way. With that in mind, Paladin is offering a free phone consultation to anyone who feels like they may be a victim of foreclosure, mortgage, or securitization fraud, or if you are simply foreclosing on your home. Call (877) 848-8088 to take advantage of the free consultation.

About Paladin Securitization Auditors
Paladin Securitization Auditors offers trial-ready securitization audits to attorneys & homeowners. They also offer unchallenged expert witness testimony.