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Handy Orten Kostenlos Offers Free Instant Legit Mobile Tracking Service in Germany for Limited Time


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- Handy Orten Kostenlos is now providing an absolutely free instant mobile tracking service to help individuals locate any phone. The company informed that their service is aimed at helping mobile owners who fear that their phone has been stolen or lost. The service available on the company’s website displays the exact location of the required phone. The company added that they want showcase the accuracy and instant capability of their service, and therefore are providing the service for free for a limited time.

The media spokesperson of Handy Orten Kostenlos quoted on their service provision, “We are currently the only company that is providing legit mobile tracking service in Germany. Our service is also currently absolutely free and can be used anytime without restrictions. Many individuals who have expensive mobile devices often become distressed when they lose their phone. In order to assist these people we have started to offer our highly accurate and instant mobile tracking service. All phones are tracked within 60 seconds, which is quite rare amongst any mobile tracking service providers. Interested individuals can now visit our website and locate any desired phone.”

The service requires a person to enter the phone number of the device that needs to be located and then another phone number that is in currently in possession, where a 4 digit PIN is sent for confirmation purposes. Once the PIN has is entered the software immediately locates the phone within seconds. Handy Orten Kostenlos informed that they have created the latest mobile tracking software which has been developed to give highly effective and efficient results.

Handy Orten Kostenlos is also the only legit mobile tracking company in Germany. Hence its users can be assured that no law is broken when tracking a specific mobile. The company’s website also consistently publishes any mobile tracking news and various articles on latest technologies behind mobile tracking. Many users of the service have complimented the accuracy of the service and have appreciated the no registration process, allowing them to immediately track a phone with couple of clicks. The users were also surprised with the speed of the service and have stated that they have never seen such an instantaneous mobile tracking service.

About Handy Orten Kostenlos
Handy Orten Kostenlos is one of the leading companies in Germany that provides free legit mobile tracking service. Through their online platform, http://www.handyortenkostenlos.net/, interested individuals can track any mobile and also view extensive articles on how to find lost phones. The company is known for its highly accurate mobile phone tracking service and for its frequent updates on any latest.

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