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HandySurvival.com Publishes Natural Disaster Risk Assessment Map for the United States

Handy Survival has created a map assessing the risk of a range of different natural disasters for every state in America, making clear what readers might face in the future.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2013 -- There is an increasing trend in the United States that has attracted mainstream media attention, known sensationally as Doomsday Preppers, but referred to among their own community as Survivalists. These individuals prepare for natural and human-caused disasters by sharpening their skills, getting the right equipment and storing food and water supplies in order to protect themselves and their loved ones from the vagaries of fate. Handy Survival is a practical magazine site specialising in helping new and experienced survivalists ensure they are well prepared, and they have now published a United States Natural Disaster Map (http://handysurvival.com/usa-natural-disaster-risk-map/) to aid users in deciding where and how to use their resources for natural disaster preparation.

The State by State interface allows users to roll over an infographic map of all fifty American States before clicking on the one they have an interest in. Doing so allows them access to a page specific to the disaster risks felt by that State, from thunderstorms to wildfire to blizzards to flash floods. Information is given on the environmental causes specific to that region and the seasonal hot-spots for particular disasters, so preparation cycles can be kept in check to meet the coming challenges.

The site also offers gear reviews, guides and tools, a preppers dictionary to acquaint oneself with the burgeoning linguistic shorthand used within the community, and question and answer features with expert survivalists.

A spokesperson for Handy Survival explained, “The State by State guide to disaster risks is designed to ensure that survivalists who are interested in disaster preparedness do not prepare for a heat wave in a State that is more prone to floods, or spend their money investing in hurricane protection when an earthquake is more likely. The key to survival is adapting to disaster situations, but knowing what disasters are more likely can make all the difference between a successful survivalist who is well prepared, and a dead survivalist caught barking up the wrong tree.”

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