Hani Selim Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Publish Controversial Novel "Osama's Jihad"

Crossing the boundaries of Islam and as it blends with Western culture, Osama’s Jihad tells a bold story in a fictional yet believable backdrop.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2017 -- Hani Selim's latest book Osama's Jihad is a story of unconditional love that binds a family together from the Middle East clear across the world to Manhattan over the course of fifty years. The author claims that in this fictional novel, every reader will find out something they will be able to relate to despite subject matter that could hit a nerve or even a third rail when it comes to human emotion and the values that drive them.

As the name suggests, the story of the novel revolves around the character of Osama, a person who finds himself alienated from his family, friends and society itself after a series of changes. The story is set in Cairo and New York, two cities where Osama spends his life from childhood to adulthood.

"Osama struggles to define his identity as an Arab, a Muslim and an American, which ultimately forces him to question everything he has grown to know, and the intentions of everyone he grew to love. His unique and unusual first-hand experiences transported him between local Gay bars in New York City, and as far as Makkah in Saudi Arabia. It gave him a different perspective on his own life, as well as life in general, and taught him important lessons about tolerance, acceptance and unconditional love," says the author.

Through Osama's Jihad, Hani has made serious attempts to bridge the widening gap between Western civilization and the predominant culture of the Middle East. Over the years, only a few Arab American writers have focused on the Arab narrative. Predictably yet unfortunately, most of them have failed to reach the mainstream American audience.

Highlighting the significance of his novel in the present context, Hani says, "We, Arab Americans, need to own our narrative. With the increased demand, we can blend other aspects of the culture into the mainstream market other than belly dancing, hookah, and camels."

By self-publishing his book, Hani wants to introduce the readers to the world of an Arab American, with all its joys, fears and struggles. All funds raised via Kickstarter will be used to complete the final stages of publishing. Adequate funding will also help with editing, printing, marketing and shipping.

Perk pricing is very attractive with the eBook available for as little as $5 while a paperback edition can be had for just $15. A signed hardcover along with other perks including week-long cinema passes to Arab Cinema Week in New York City are available via Kickstarter until June 17th.

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About Hani Selim
Hani Selim is an Arab/American poet and writer. Hani has been a consultant to the United Nations for a number of years where he has worked on a wide range of issues, including Gender Equality, Human Rights, Children in Armed Conflict, Persons with Disabilities, Autism Awareness, AIDS, Earth Day and Climate Change. He has also taught courses at Baruch College in Manhattan