Hannay Associates on the 'Who Cares' Campaign by East Sussex Fire and Rescue

Hannay Associates discuss a new scheme which is designed to help educate people regarding fire safety.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- If a fire were to ever occur in your home, you and your family members’ chances of surviving would be dependent on how safely and quickly you could get out. For those who have a long term illness, or are disabled or elderly, the likelihood of being able to escape is dramatically reduced. However, Hannay Associates believe that by offering fire safety information, and referring those who are vulnerable to East Sussex Fire & Rescue, many tragedies could be avoided.

A campaign called ‘Who Cares’ has been launched by East Sussex Fire & Rescue, due to the large number of deaths caused by fires in the County. The campaign, Hannay Associates say, has been designed to increase the awareness of fire safety amongst care agencies and car workers within Brighton city and East Sussex and to highlight the kind of preventative work which is being offer by the local Fire & Rescue team.

Older people often need additional support and care; according to figures from Hannay Associates, every day in the UK, more than six million carers provide those who are in need, with help. The premise behind the new Who Cares campaign is to make local carers more aware of how vulnerable the people they look after are, if a fire were to break out. The preventative work is being provided by Fire & Rescue for free and includes the fitting of smoke alarms which are suitable for the individual needs of the ill or disabled, as well as the carrying out of fire risk checks, and the provision of fire safety advice.

Hannay Associates also say that the new campaign will enable the Fire & Rescue team to refer people to various other partner agencies, if there are concerns raised which are not directly related to fire safety and welfare. This will ensure that even those deemed to be vulnerable can live safely and independently in their own homes. Ultimately, East Sussex Fire and Rescue hope to achieve more sustainable and safe communities, where deaths and injuries caused by fires are eliminated.

About Hannay Associates:
Hannay Associates Ltd are a small publishing company formed in 2002, that has steadily grown into a mature, professional and highly organised company in support of the Emergency services.