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Happy Birthday, Nia! Nine Year-Old Girl Excels Beyond Her Years, Publishing Popular Children's Book

Elanna C. Lloyd’s debut book takes children into the exciting world of birthdays, as protagonist Nia gets her fair share of surprises. Written by a young reader, for young readers, the book is poised to resonate with children everywhere.


Flossmoor, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2013 -- Literary experts will attest to the fact that most adults don’t have the passion, skills or resources to release their own book. However, Elanna C. Lloyd is shocking the industry and the world by writing, editing and publishing a book at just nine years old.

‘Happy Birthday Nia!’ was entirely self-developed, proving that young minds really can excel.


It's Nia's birthday! She wants her party to be exciting, but her family already has her day planned. It's a party that Nia doesn't even know about.

Nia will certainly have fun with her cake and presents. But, will the party just include Nia's family as she expects?

You will have to read to find out!

However, as Elanna’s Mom explains, this isn’t the only book her daughter has written.

“She actually has three books completed; the other two will be brought to market very shortly. This is such an accomplishment for someone of Elanna’s age and we want her to serve as an example to other young people,” says Tandy Green.

Continuing, “She loves to write and we’ve encouraged her the whole way. It’s very inspiring to see a nine year-old achieving something most adults can’t!”.

Green also hopes her daughter’s accomplishments will change the perception of young people from coast to coast.

“There’s a lot of cynicism about young people, especially among the media. We’re taking her story public to prove that it isn’t all doom and gloom. There are children and young adults out there doing great things that require celebrating. Our youth really is our lifeblood and it is time we started seeing them in a positive light,” she adds.

To date, the book has attracted a consistent string of rave reviews.

“I like that a nine year old is able to write such a great book for young people of her age group.it just prove that imagination is the key to realizing your dream, I am so proud to know Elanna LLOYD. keep up the good work,” says Vergie Grant, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Another reader was equally as impressed, adding, “I enjoyed reading this book. It's a quick read with me/ read to me summer book for children in grades PK thru third. Great illustrations, too!”

With more books up her sleeve and a head full of creative ideas, it appears that the future is very bright for Elanna C. Lloyd.

‘Happy Birthday, Nia!’ is available now: http://amzn.to/12luRZV

The author lives in Flossmoor, IL.