Happy Camper Badges

Happy Camper Expands Unique Range of Gift Badges Celebrating Gay and Lesbian Lives

Happy Camper has expanded a concept inspired by youth scouting merit badges whereby gay and lesbian people and allies) can earn recognition and show their pride for their activities in the form of badges.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- The LGBTQ community has undergone a revolution over the past twenty years, bringing homosexuality out of the closet, Happy Camper celebrates that, honors those who have lead the charge and recognizes how far there still is to go. Along the way, Happy Camper is there to celebrate with colorful and adorable badges that mark achievements in an out-and-proud life, newly extended to cover fresh and important milestones.

Happy Camper has a wide range of beautifully embroidered badges, akin to merit badges of yesteryear available, including new Drag Queen Diva, We Did! and Gaycation badges designed to both commemorate and celebrate everything from the banal to the profound. The badges make excellent gay and lesbian gifts for all occasions, and can be bought in multiples to create gay wedding gift packages telling the story of the couple.

The badges are designed to be ‘earned’ i.e. bought and collected through whimsical criteria which are described in detail alongside the product. Arizona residents may also see the Happy Camper official vehicle on the road, which proudly showcases badges and the Happy Camper colors.

A spokesperson for Happy Camper explained, “We created these badges because we marginalized for a so long and were unable to celebrate our uniqueness, the real, funny and serious aspects of being gay. Now, we get to share that with the world, and it’s incredibly exciting”.

About Happy Camper
Happy Camper sells gay and lesbian themed badges as novelty items and gifts designed to encourage individuals to both embrace and celebrate their lifestyle and individuality through this amusing badges, After years of living as a self-described “bad gay,” founder Stefanie was excited to “earn” a lesbian cruise badge, which gave birth to the concept. Stefanie believes in giving back, therefore a portion of Happy Camper proceeds will go to causes that support LGBTQ youth. For more information please visit: http://happycamperbadges.com/