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Happy Hanky Is Now Selling Hankies as Wedding Favors


Marlton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- Colleen Corcoran, founder of Happy Hanky is proud to say that her products are made in America, and she has noticed that vintage handkerchiefs make for great wedding favors. By placing various vintage hankies somewhere throughout the ceremony, it can be a sweet gesture for any of the wedding guests to pick up along the way to dry those happy tears during the actual ceremony. Therefore, Happy Hanky is proud to announce that the company is more than happy to sell their hankies as wedding favors.

The bride, groom, or wedding planner can help come up with a creative way to display all of the handkerchiefs for those in attendance to choose from. This is a simple yet charming way to add a vintage, elegant feel to the wedding day. She has also made an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to handkerchief wedding favors that can be displayed in a variety of different ways. Couples can have them displayed in a country, vintage, and aesthetic feel that are neatly folded in antique suitcase or wrapped up in wedding invitations and programs.

Happy Hanky wants engaged couples to not forget about their friends and family who will be in attendance to the big day. Having a heartfelt wedding favor for guests to have is a cute way of thanking everyone for being able to be a part of the wedding. Handkerchiefs are an affordable way to add a touch of character and personality no matter where the ceremony is being held. For those who want to go as far as getting them embroidered, they can have the wedding date stitched in for a constant reminder. Browse through Happy Hanky’s vintage wedding handkerchiefs today to pick the hand made hankies to be displayed.

About Happy Hanky and The HANK
Happy Hanky and The HANK was founded by the one and only Colleen Corcoran as her love for collecting handkerchiefs started at the young age of seven. She has more than ten years of experience in the Visual Merchandising and Marketing industry resulting in the thriving success of Happy Hanky. Colleen enjoys finding new unique restaurants and food to try, collecting cocktail rings and browsing for antiques. Her first hanky was from her first Holy Communion and the collection amounted to over 150 pieces by the time she was in college.

Clients can contact them by submitting their retailer information in the form on the site so that they can offer wholesale pricing on the Handkerchiefs. To learn more visit http://www.happyhanky.com