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Happy Hanky Now Offers Floral Hanky Clutches for Holiday Gifts


Marlton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2012 -- The holidays are here and in full swing, and for those who have no clue what to get their significant other, sister, mother, grandmother or whoever it may be, can now check out Happy Hanky’s floral hanky clutches as a gift. They are a perfect last minute gift if one happens to be clueless when it comes to buying hankies. For those who love ladies handkerchiefs to begin with, will be sure to find one that compliments their current collection.

For those who are browsing through Happy Hanky’s collection, they will see that their floral hanky clutches are handmade from two vintage hankies. Each and every clutch that is handmade by Happy Hanky has something unique about it, such as antique beads that will give it a classic yet modern look, or vintage stick pins. These intricate designs added to their beautiful floral hanky patterns give off a very feminine touch to the clutch. There are no two the same when it comes to these vintage hankies, there one of a kind making the gift for another that much more special.

Happy Hanky is more than excited to have these clutch hankies for this holiday season. They strive to make the lives of shoppers easier this time of year. All of Happy Hanky’s clutches, ladies handkerchiefs, wedding handkerchiefs and more are handmade in the USA. It is not too late to buy handkerchiefs online and choose from the variety of vintage and floral patterns. The hanky clutches can be used to hold anything one can think of whether it may be change, or any other small items. By keeping all of one’s change in a separate location in a purse or handbag can allow for easy access and eliminate the need to rummage around for coins when needed. They help those organize their belongings and add a beautiful chic touch. With that being said, Happy Hanky has numerous options to choose from their online store.

About Happy Hanky and The HANK
Happy Hanky and The HANK was founded by the one and only Colleen Corcoran as her love for collecting handkerchiefs started at the young age of seven. She has more than ten years of experience in the Visual Merchandising and Marketing industry resulting in the thriving success of Happy Hanky. Colleen enjoys finding new unique restaurants and food to try, collecting cocktail rings and browsing for antiques. Her first hanky was from her first Holy Communion and the collection amounted to over 150 pieces by the time she was in college.

Clients can contact them by submitting their retailer information in the form on the site so that they can offer wholesale pricing on the Handkerchiefs. To learn more visit http://www.happyhanky.com