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Happy Kombucha Explain Difference Between Batch Method and Continuous Method Kombucha


Eastbourne, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2019 -- Happy Kombucha, the nation's favourite and most popular kombucha supplier, has recently taken to their website blog, explaining to all the difference between batch method kombucha and continuous method kombucha.

Batch method and continuous method are by far the two most popular types of brewing when it comes to kombucha – with the company listing the advantages of each as follows:

Batch method kombucha brewing – Batch method is great for those that only want a glass or two of kombucha per day and for people that like to stick to the same type of kombucha tea.

Continuous method kombucha brewing – Continuous kombucha brewing is perfect for those that drink lots of kombucha and want to ensure that they have access to a constant, fresh supply.

The article from the company did not only list the advantages of each brewing method, it also includes information as to which is best, which is the safest and which is the best method for kombucha brewing beginners!

You can see the full post from the Happy Kombucha here: https://happykombucha.co.uk/blogs/happykombucha-1/batch-method-and-continuous-method-kombucha-whats-the-difference

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