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Happy Kombucha – Now Selling Extensive Range of Ready-Made Kombucha


Eastbourne, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2019 -- Happy Kombucha have been leading the kombucha scene for many years, providing people all over the UK with everything that they need to make the very best kombucha tea! However, it does not stop there, in line with the rising demand for read-made kombucha, with increasing numbers of people with little time to make their own wanting to try the drink; the company have now introduced a magnificent range of readymade kombucha drinks!

It is now possible for Happy Kombucha customers to have readymade kombucha delivered straight to their doors, with Happy Kombucha now stocking one of the largest ranges of these drinks. The company strive to offer readymade kombucha from all of the world leading brands including but not limited to GO!, Lo Bros and Thorncraft. The company have even introduced a new kombucha cordial that allow people to easily make kombucha drinks.

You can view the complete range of readymade kombucha now available at Happy Kombucha here: https://happykombucha.co.uk/collections/ready-made-kombucha

Customers are being urged to check out this range at their earlier conveniences as the company currently have a number of readymade kombucha beverages available with discounted prices. You can now order readymade kombucha from their website from as little as £2.03 a bottles. (Even lower prices are available when buying in bulk.)

About Happy Kombucha
Happy Kombucha is the UK's number one supplier of Organically grown Scobies and brewing equipment designed for brewing kombucha tea, incredibly passionate about growing the kombucha tea drinking community. Anyone looking to buy pre-made kombucha, brewing equipment or anything else related such as vegan kefir should visit the Happy Kombucha website right away where they will definitely be able to find everything that they are looking for and more.

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