Joe Bragg Launches to Help Make Birthday Messages More Exciting

New site contains many suggestions for humorous, interesting and witty ways to wish someone a happy birthday.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- A birthday is a special time of the year for anyone. Everyone deserves their special day, and in most cultures throughout the world this falls on their birthday. It is a time when people often give presents, and it is also customary to wish someone well on their birthday. The birthday card industry is huge as a result of this custom, with many millions of birthday cards being sent all over the world each year.

One birthday related website that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is This new site contains many interesting, witty and fun suggestions for happy birthday wishes to send to a loved one, relative or friend. It is quickly becoming recognized as the very best birthday messages suggestion website on the Internet.

The site contains twenty five different happy birthday messages. They range from the very humorous and irreverent to the serious and respectful. There are messages suitable for every type of recipient, from an old college drinking buddy to an elderly aunt. The site is completely free, and visitors can simply copy the messages down into a birthday card, or copy and paste onto an email, Twitter or Facebook.

A spokesperson for the site said: “When it comes to birthday messages, many of us are lost for words. It seems so clichéd and unimaginative to just wish someone a happy birthday, or to say “many happy returns.” Most of us would like to say something a little more unique and memorable, but few people have the talent to pen a stunning line, especially in the midst of a busy day. Our site is there to help. It contains many different funny birthday messages, as well as a few serious ones for situations where a bit of gravitas is required. All of the birthday messages on our site are interesting and witty. The intended recipient will likely have never heard any of them before. Using one of our birthday messages marks the sender out as a wit and original thinker. It’s a much more unique and fun way to wish someone a happy birthday. If your birthday greetings need a bit of pizazz then our site is the right destination.”

About is a site which contains many interesting and funny suggestions for birthday messages.

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