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Har Vokse Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth Treatment Sells 50,000 Units in One Week According to Articate.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- Articate.com are reporting that the new Har Vokse hair loss treatment sold 50,000 units in its first week since going on sale in the UK. This product, which is now available to buy online and can be shipped worldwide, is generating a lot of excitement because it is said to stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth.

According to this Har Vokse review that has just been featured on the Articate website, this product includes two separate treatments which ideally should be used together.

The first of these is the Har Vokse supplement. These supplements should be taken once or twice a day before meals and contain numerous natural ingredients that are said to nourish the hair and give it the nutrients it needs to prevent any further hair loss and encourage regrowth in the future.

These ingredients include fish proteins known as Marine Polysaccharides as well as a number of other ingredients including amino acids and vitamins. All of these have shown to be beneficial for reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth, and there are no side effects associated with any of these ingredients.

The second Har Vokse treatment is a spray that can be applied to the receding areas of the head twice a day. This spray includes green coffee extract, green tea and Gotu Kola, which help nourish the hair from the outside, reduce inflammation and provide a healthy environment for new hair to grow.

Of course it is not the first product on the market to tackle the problem of hair loss and stimulate the growth of new hair. However it is a revolutionary product because there are no long term side effects associated with Har Vokse, such as reduced sex drive or impotence, for example, which is often the case with other competing hair loss products.

In clinical studies Har Vokse helped reduce hair loss and encourage the growth of new hair in 90% of participants. So it is no surprise that it is flying off the shelves right now since first going on sale last week.

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