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Harbortouch America Now Offering iPad Tableside Ordering for Summer 2014


Omaha, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- Harbortouch America is now offering iPad tableside ordering for summer 2014. As people come out of their winter hibernation, the restaurants will be filling up again. Popular restaurants may be packed to the brim night and day, wondering how to handle the increased workload. Now businesses can streamline their operations by giving their customers the option of tableside ordering. Do more business than ever before and don’t keep loyal customers waiting.

The future is here with iPad Tableside Ordering. As soon as customers make orders, servers can enter them right on the iPad and send them off to the kitchen at the speed of light using a dedicated app that mirrors the interface of Harbortouch America’s POS software. Business owners who have gotten on board with the tableside ordering revolution have noticed a significant increase in the efficiency of their restaurants and bars. The days of trying to pin up little scribbled-on slips of paper that may flutter to the floor and be forgotten are over. Servers need not even enter the kitchen and distract hardworking chefs.

Harbortouch America uses only genuine Apple iPads for this system – no knockoffs or sub-par tablets. These state of the art devices allow immediate input and payment. This leads to faster table turns on busy days, creating more opportunity for increased revenue.

Customers will keep coming back knowing they will experience shorter waiting times at a restaurant that truly keeps up with the times. Visit Harbortouch America online or call 888-404-3356 today for more details.

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