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Harbortouch America Now Offering Point of Sale Systems for Liquor Stores


Newcastle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- There’s no better way to effectively and easily keep track of products that are in stock or that need to be ordered than with a quality Point of Sale (POS) System. To help liquor store owners in this regard, Harbortouch America is announcing they will now be offering their elite POS systems for liquor stores. Utilizing the touch screen POS system will allow store managers to track inventory and break down employee hours in a way that will save a considerable amount of time and energy.

Making the cashiers lives easier, simply touching the product that is being purchased on the display screen will issue a transaction, ringing up the purchase order and subtracting the product from inventory all in one step. When a specific product is on sale, the price on the system can easily be changed to reflect the sale. The POS system can also differentiate whether a customer is purchasing a single drink, a variety pack or a multi-pack—whether six, 12, 18, or 30 packs. In an additional effort to help cashiers, there is a built-in age verification tool to ensure there are no sales to a person under the legal age for alcohol purchase.

With the ability to swipe credit or debit cards and implement check payments, the checkout process will make the experience for the employees and the customers simpler and less stressful, minimizing checkout errors and confusion. This all-in-one system will provide managers and liquor store owners with the capability of running their operation smoothly and efficiently with the entire store’s information right in front of them, and stored effectively in the system.

Offering complete customer satisfaction, Harbortouch America will install the system at the store and offer technical support and troubleshooting services for any glitches or damage with their 24-hour response time. They will travel to the place of business and accurately assess and repair the POS system. For more information about the benefits and efficiency of POS Systems from Harbortouch America, please call 1-888-404-3356 or visit their website today.

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