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Harbortouch America Offers POS Systems for All Business and Retail Locations


Omaha, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- This summer Harbortouch America has POS systems perfect for any business. POS systems are a business expense and often present little or no cost to business owners. Owners can use the Quick Proposal Generator at www.harbortouchamerica.com to find out how to get a system that meets their establishment’s specific needs. Restaurants, bars, cafes, retail shops, delivery shops, wine and liquor stores, convenience stores, and more can all streamline their operations through the use of POS systems.

Wine and Liquor Stores

Wine and liquor stores can save money and time with Harbortouch products. Alcohol retailers generally have many different products available, and it can be difficult and unrealistic to keep track of it all manually. Record and monitor product stock electronically in a system that will keep all information organized sensibly. When a customer buys an item, it is automatically removed from the electronic inventory at the time of the sale. Wine stores also have the added complication of age verification. With the driver’s license scanner and cash register in one machine, the transaction is complete in just a few simple steps.

POS systems also make it easy to keep a record of what regular customers like to buy and track sales commissions by product or employee.


For restaurants that deliver, be it pizza, Chinese, or Ethiopian, Harbortouch America POS systems are essential for keeping organized. Their Quick Serve Software includes mapping and directions, driver and employee management tools, caller ID integration, order and ticket entry, flexible menu pricing with coupons and discounts, as well as customer and order tracking.

For more information on POS systems from Harbortouch America visit them online or call 1-888-404-3356.

About Harbortouch
Harbortouch has everything a person needs when it comes to restaurant or retail businesses that are in need of POS systems. These systems are necessary when it comes to keeping customers happy and running an organization smoothly. Their high performance technology allows for an efficiently run system at an affordable price. As one of the largest POS companies in the United States, they are proud to have handled over 110,000 accounts throughout the nation. They continue to keep up to date with the latest technology so that their POS software is of the highest quality.

To learn more please visit http://www.harbortouchamerica.com.