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Harbortouch America Offers the Latest in POS System Technology This Winter


Newcastle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- Point of Sale (POS) systems make retail and restaurant sales easier than ever. Streamlining the checkout process makes employers, workers, and customers happy, and can also save money. Business owners will benefit greatly from the added efficiency and protection of a POS system. Harbortouch America is now offering POS systems this winter.

Whether in a retail store, restaurant, or bar, a POS system pre-programmed with available items and current pricing will make checkout much faster. With the time saved using a simple touchscreen computer to ring out customers, employees will be able to get more work done. Customers will be happy to get their transactions done quicker so they can get on with their day, which is likely to encourage them to return in the future.

POS systems will create sales reports and audit trails. This can deter employee theft and allow store and restaurant owners to keep track of business. Automated time stamping will show business owners what parts of the day are their most lucrative, and sales records eliminate guessing about trends in customer preferences. Knowing what items need restocking is easy with electronic inventory.

The latest in POS systems from Harbortouch America now includes iPad tableside ordering. These systems allow restaurant servers to enter orders electronically immediately after patrons make their decision. Online ordering systems are now available, as well, and Harbortouch America requires no extra charge for their customers wishing to add these services.

Harbortouch America is one of the leading brands of POS systems. Contacting them will help business owners understand their options and get the best possible deal on the latest technology. Now businesses may qualify for a POS system with no out of pocket costs. To learn more visit Harbortouch America online or call 1-888-404-3356.

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Harbortouch has everything a person needs when it comes to restaurant or retail businesses that are in need of POS systems. These systems are necessary when it comes to keeping customers happy and running an organization smoothly. Their high performance technology allows for an efficiently run system at an affordable price. As one of the largest POS companies in the United States, they are proud to have handled over 110,000 accounts throughout the nation. They continue to keep up to date with the latest technology so that their POS software is of the highest quality. To learn more please visit http://www.harbortouchamerica.com.