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Harbortouch America Reveals iPad POS System Now Available for Tableside Ordering


Omaha, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Technology seems to be advancing every single day and Harbortouch America is a proud supplier of POS Systems that can now help streamline the ordering process by implementing Harbortouch’s POS Software on an iPad. This can be used in the restaurant industry for servers to input orders directly at the table with the iPad. This allows for the orders to be placed instantaneously so that they are more accurate and come out quicker, resulting in happier customers. Harbortouch America is working hard to stay up with all the latest advancements in the POS industry as it increases making them a leader in the industry.

These POS systems can be a great asset in one’s business, and Habortouch America is proud to offer restaurants a way to increase staff efficiency by taking wireless orders, process credit card payments, and much more. Not only is it a great way to increase the productiveness of a business, but it also brings a trendy, hip element to the business that will get people talking. The iPad seems to be a luxury for some, but in the business realm, it can be a great tool for a better customer service experience.

With a majority of people owning Apple products to begin with, whether it may be an iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc., this eliminates the need for extensive training. Even if one were to have never used an Apple product before, Harbortouch America has a user friendly POS System that is integrated with the iPad. Many businesses today are looking for ways to cut their spending and even though purchasing receipt rolls may not be putting one in the red, it is still a way to save and become environmentally friendly. By sending out e-receipts, it saves paper and the need for one to save them for billing and taxes. As a powerful selling tool, Harbortouch America offers iPad integration to communicate with the POS Systems for restaurants.

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Harbortouch has everything one needs when it comes to restaurant or retail businesses that are in need of POS systems. They are much needed when it comes to keeping customers happy and running an organization smoothly. Its high performance technology allows for an efficient system at an affordable price. As one of the largest POS companies in the Unites States they are proud to have handled over 110,000 accounts throughout the nation. They continue to stay up with the latest technology so that the POS software is of the highest quality.

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