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Hard-Science Fiction Book Series Released; Showcasing Several Novel Technologies and Concepts

SavAlphaSci LLC today announces the release of ‘Artificial Star: The Trilogy’, by author Axel Franklin Moen.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- SavAlphaSci LLC today announces the release of Artificial Star: The Trilogy by author Axel Franklin Moen.

The Artificial Star series is an innovative form of hard science fiction with several novel technologies, presented throughout the volumes. Covered topics include Off-Earth energy, Space Entrepreneurship, On-Earth Technologies and relationships between Energy, Black Holes and Galaxy Structure.

“This book is vitally important,” says Moen – who is excited to announce the launch of his new literary series.

He continues, “The books contain a lot of concepts that have never before been presented, in any medium.” Since its launch, the series has garnered rave reviews.

“Great book! It is a treasure trove of funky concepts. The originality of content is impressive... a very exciting read,” says one reader, providing a review for Amazon.com.

The book describes an economic environment which has ultimately been improved via off-Earth activities. In addition, a secondary theme is presented throughout the series, with some of the same characters attempting to distil important themes pertaining to the universe.

An example of one of the more esoteric concepts presented throughout the series is the suggestion that a fundamental purpose of the universe could be as an energy source for other universes, in a multiverse scenario. This unique concept is based upon the existence of billions of stars in the universe, the efficient transfer of energy into black holes (and, possibly, out of our universe), and the inability to observe the structure of other universes.

This example is only one of the many concepts presented. In this scenario, humanity cannot observe the laws of physics of other universes, or anything outside of our own universe. Perhaps the immense number of stars in the universe is unique in comparison to environments outside of our own universe.

Also, perhaps there is a clear reason why matter entering a black hole is so much more efficient from an energy perspective than in other parts of the universe.

The following volumes are included in Artificial Star: The Trilogy: 1) Artificial Star: The Energy Race of the Late 21st Century, 2) Artificial Star 2: The Dark Ships, and 3) Artificial Star 3: Lightning Tech vs. Dark Matter Apps.

The entire series by Axel Franklin Moen is available for $9.99 via Amazon.com. Additional information can be found at http://www.offearthenergy.com.

About the Author
Axel Franklin Moen is a business executive with a passion for innovation and the physical sciences.