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An online Body Building Supplement magazine reviews all the latest supplements on the market to save their readers from buying legal steroids and bodybuilding products that do not work.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- America has been in the news a lot recently for the serious obesity problem. With over 60 percent of the adult population being overweight and over 27.7 percent being obese, it is no wonder newspapers around the world are reporting on the problem. However, what the world media are not reporting, is how all this bad press has had a positive result with more people now turning to fitness to improve their body image. One online magazine that has seen a huge increase is

With more people turning to fitness, more weight loss products and bodybuilding supplements are coming onto the market each week. A lot of these products have not been tested and do not work, but due to clever marketing and through paid editorial advertising, men and women do not know they are reading false articles and reviews and buy the products. is different from many other magazine and bodybuilding websites, they do not accept any form of payment for their reviews., is a new bodybuilding supplement website that has been launched to give men and women the real story about Legal Steroids, Testosterone Boosters and Bodybuilding Supplements. With the popular fitness website not being affiliated with any fitness company or product, they are able to give their readers the truth about the product they review. What readers see on the site are honest reviews, giving fitness fans reviews they can trust.

As well as offering honest reviews, provide discount codes on bodybuilding supplement products and other products that can help improve fitness and achieve that goal of gaining a six-pack.

A spokesman for said: “There's so many awesome things out there that can help build muscle fast. Legal steroids, testosterone boosters and more, it's really a great time to want to get huge and ripped.”

Some of the current products on the site looked at are the very popular legal steroids including: Winstrol; Trenbolone; Anadrol; Dianabol; Anavar and Human Growth Hormone Boosters. Many more are also featured, and the site is updated very frequently.

Legal Steroids have become a very popular category of bodybuilding muscle builders, having in many cases very powerful effects, while being both safe and completely legal. Hardcore Muscle aims to cut through the hype and get to the truth with these cutting edge anabolic supplements, and according to early reader feedback they are off to a great start.

Justin G., from New Jersey, recently said, “I'm a personal trainer and couldn't appreciate Hardcore Muscle more. It's great to see a new site that doesn't pull any punches and tells the whole truth. I'll keep coming back that's for sure!

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