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Hardwood Floors Fort Worth Launches a Sustainable Flooring Campaign

Hardwood floors benefit the enviroment in numerous ways, making them the perfect choice for those concerned about the planet, reports HardwoodFloorsFortWorth.com


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2015 -- Solid hardwood floors offer numerous benefits over other flooring choices. Not only will they provide durable flexibility and service, they provide years of exceptional beauty and evolve with trends in home furnishings. Thanks to advances in forestry techniques, hardwood timberland in the United States is now double that of five decades ago, making hardwood flooring a sustainable choice also. Individuals looking to update the look of their home should look into hardwood flooring for these and many other reasons.

"Hardwood floors made in the United States are carbon-negative, all natural material, as they are homegrown and have no nitrogen oxides, methane or other particulate matter emissions. When the floors are regionally sourced, their carbon footprint is further reduced, and the floors don't contain toxins or trap allergens. With sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, hardwood floors remain gorgeous and free of allergens," reports Brad, spokesperson for Hardwood Floors Fort Worth.

Engineered hardwood flooring is one option for individuals to consider. This flooring is made up of layers of wood that undergo a fusing process to make extremely robust plans, This allows the flooring to be more moisture and temperature resistant and it may be used for applications both above and below grade. These products are extremely functional, making them the perfect choice for many.

"Speak to the experts at Hardwood Floors Fort Worth to determine if engineered hardwood floors are appropriate for you. Those concerned about the environment often choose this option, as the floors are made from renewable wood that quickly grows. They are the perfect green option for many," Brad continues.

Hardwood floors serve as an investment in the home, and homeowners find hardwood floor refinishing fort worth can restore the beauty of flooring surfaces. This preserves the beauty of the floor, while increase the health and well-being together with the value of the home or office. Dust isn't an issue when floors are being refinished, thanks to advances in refinishing technology.

"Home and business owners are often surprised to learn they can remain in the home during the refinishing process. Pets don't need to be boarded and furnishings won't have to be covered. With the dustless sanding process, air quality isn't impacted in any way," Brad explains.

Update the look of the floor with the help of the refinishing process or have the floors stained or restained. Both techniques allow individuals to have the home or business they dream of, in a short period of time. These are only two of the many services offered through hardwood flooring companies today.

"Contact Hardwood Floors Fort Worth for cleaning, maintenance, installation, removal, refinishing or staining and more. We offer solid hardwood floors, hand-scraped hardwood flooring, wide plank hardwood floors, engineered hardwood flooring fort worth and more. Our goal is to provide you with everything you want and need as it relates to hardwood flooring for your home or office," Brad announces.

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