Hare & Grace Kick-Start Its Summer Menu Programme Jan. 16

Here & Grace, Victoria, Australia’s fine and popular restaurant, has today announced the launch of its new summer menu on January 16.


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- According to team leader Executive Chef and owner Raymond “Ray” Capaldi, who has been an influence and a power in the Melbourne food scene for more than 20 years, the “proof will be on the plate in ambitious yet accessible food that stimulates rather than alienates with its subtle use of avant-garde tricks and techniques.”

This summer, Hare & Grace looks forward to seeing their regular and new patrons come and try their delicious Wagyu beef Burgers, served in a fresh brioche bun.

“New on offer will be our Chips & Gravy,” adds Ray, as he reflects on the last year’s menu, which was a huge success as they were the recipient of the “People’s Choice” award for The Weekend Australian Magazine’s Hot 50 Awards.

This time around, Ray says he and his team will go foraging. “Here at Hare & Grace, we love to use seasonal herbs and flowers. The purpose of them on our plates is not to make a dish look ‘pretty’ or colourful. They are there for a purpose,” explains the master chef.

According to Ray, many items they forage for are used in their dishes to create textures and heighten flavours of other components of the dish.

“Many of these items also assist with the digestion of the meal,” notes Ray, who is proud of his fine dining restaurant in the Melbourne CBD, which is a popular eatery and sports a minibar.

Raymond Capaldi, and sometimes a crew of their chefs head down to various parts of Melbourne in search for the items they use to create unique flavours.

So, what do they really go hunting for?

Ray says they often go foraging for such items as sorrel, dandelion, berries, thistles, wild rocket, wild mint and many more.

“Even Aloe Vera can be found in hidden spots in Melbourne,” says Ray, who offers the following tips to newbie foragers:

“If you are to go foraging ensure that you do not go to areas that have been sprayed with harmful contaminates. Toxic chemicals can give you upset stomach or even worse send your customers (or friends you are cooking for) to the hospital. For this reason council land and public areas should be avoided. If you are unsure of specific areas, you could always ring the council and ask them. Ensure you also rinse each item very well.”

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