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Harmonia from Team Builders Plus: Innovative Learning, Powerful Lessons


Marlton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2015 -- Teams are complex organisms. They have multiple layers, competing goals, varied strategies, and different outlooks. How can an organization balance all of those things? Team Builders Plus, a team building company known for innovative solutions, is proud to introduce Harmonia, a new activity designed specifically for the needs of complex organizations. Harmonia is a team building game that tackles several of these issues, including balancing the needs of upper management and the employees that they oversee, but also balancing crucial success factors such as short-term versus long-term results and departmental goals versus organizational objectives.

Taking cues from world-building games like Farmville and Sim City, this activity is played out in the virtual medieval kingdom of Harmonia. In groups of six, team members take on different roles in Harmonian society, whether as Duke or Duchess, Mayor, Squire, Admiral or Scholar.

Together, they must make critical decisions to sustain and grow society. The challenges they meet include strengthening Harmonia's military, creating an educational system and defending Harmonia from an invading kingdom. All the while, the team must keep the common people happy while meeting the demands of the king.

This creative, immersive challenge gets powerful team results. Throughout the game, participants will see how the results of their decisions affect both vertical and horizontal organization. They will also learn how to balance results-oriented thinking with a concentration on morale and how to break down silos that form amongst departments. This activity can be adapted for any size group, whether a 20-person startup or a corporation with hundreds of managers.

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