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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Experts estimate 25 percent of adult Americans suffer from a digestive disorder, according to Stuart Spechler, University of Dallas Southwestern School of Medicine professor of medicine and chief of gastroenterology at the Dallas VA Medical Center. Many turn to strong medications to treat these disorders although this isn't always the best course of action," Carol Finch of Great Taste No Pain Products states.

Digestive disorders come in many forms. Fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease are three issues many adults deal with every day. "Often doctors treat the symptoms with medication and yet this isn't a permanent solution. The person's quality of life deteriorates as a result of the disorder, but he or she doesn't know where to turn for help," Ms. Finch continues.

Great Taste No Pain By Sherry Brescia addresses this problem. Ms. Brescia began investigating possible solutions to digestive disorders which are so common in society today and found a great deal of these problems come from eating processed and fast foods. Stress contributes immensely to this problem also. Ms. Brescia created a line of products, such as Super Shield probiotic, to help those suffering from digestive disorders. "Controlling what goes into the human body goes a long way toward resolving these digestive issues once and for all," Ms. Finch goes on to say.

Doctors often recommend a bland diet, thinking this will resolve most digestive issues. With the wide range of foods currently available, sticking to a diet of this type for extended periods of time becomes difficult as people are continuously bombarded with temptations. "Great Taste No Pain products allow people to eat their favorite foods without suffering," Ms. Finch states.

Foods fall into three categories: neutral foods, foods which require acids to be broken down and those which require alkaline enzymes. Combining foods which require alkaline enzymes to be broken down with those which require acidic enzymes leads to problems. Either can be combined with neutral foods, but they shouldn't be eaten together. "Great Taste No Pain explains how to combine foods to eliminate pain so everyone can enjoy food again. Within 24 hours of starting this plan, digestive issues begin to resolve themselves and quality of life improves," Ms. Finch exclaims.

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Harris Lake Marketing assists website owners, such as Carol Finch, in getting information across to potential clients. Carol Finch created her Great Taste No Pain Products website to help others with digestive issues. She strives to share information that will allow others to get rid of digestive issues so they can lead a normal life again. Ms. Finch suffered from digestive issues herself and found that these products allowed her to eat without pain and feels they will help others too.