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Harry Nelson Reveals How to Avoid Medicare Overpayment

Founder and Managing Partner of premier healthcare law firm Nelson Hardiman discussed Medicare overpayments in Part B News.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2015 -- Healthcare providers face many concerns in the upcoming year – but none may be more persistent and worrying than Medicare overpayments. In 2013 alone, it's estimated that nearly $60 billion in Medicare and Medicaid was overpaid, resulting in lost funds that could have supplemented other healthcare services.

Healthcare providers who are looking for guidance on managing Medicare overpayments may find their answers in the December 22nd edition of Part B news, a publication of DecisionHealth.

In the article – entitled "5 Ways to Avoid Overpayment Trouble" - Harry Nelson, Founder and Managing Partner of Los Angeles healthcare law firm Nelson Hardiman – provided savvy techniques that healthcare providers can use to minimize and eventually eliminate Medicare overpayments.

Nelson suggested that healthcare providers "refocus [their] current auditing for compliance," stating that too many of these providers are too focused on maximizing revenue. Instead, Nelson suggests that providers "have to be concerned, not just with getting more money, but also with identifying the problems, preventing them going forward and identifying moneys to be returned."

Other tips included getting a second opinion on whether a claim is an overpayment, managing the 60-day window for reporting overpayments, looking for patterns of denied claims, and following through with actions on audit results.

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