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Harsher Regulations on E Cigs May Cause MORE Teens to Smoke: iBreathe Comments


Oldham, Manchester -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2015 -- A recent study carried out by The Yale University School of Public Heath has highlighted a possible link between increased e cigarette regulation and a rise in smoking conventional cigarettes. This suggests that as more rules and laws are imposed on e-cigs, the possibility of more people who will turn to tobacco cigarettes increases – especially amongst young people.

Although carried out in America, the study has big implications in the UK too, where a number of authorities seem pre-occupied with e-cigarette regulation. The news that greater regulation could potentially be more damaging and deconstructive is worrying.

But why does greater regulation seem to make tobacco more tempting? Possible reasons include that the more laws and limits in placed on a product, the less convenient it becomes. For example, if increasing specifics are placed on where e cigarettes are permitted, and where not, this is likely to lead to questions and complications. Rather than having to evaluate their options and position all the time, this may drive e cig users to use tobacco, where the rules of usage could be considered clearer.

The results of the study have prompted a response from many who are in favour of e cigs and who argue that this serves as evidence that authorities should be less harsh on their users. Quick to comment on the issue was iBreathe, a leading provider of e cigarettes and a range of vaping equipment:

"The study emphasizes that harsh regulation of e cigs is not necessarily the answer.What e cig users actually deserve, is to be recognized as taking up a potentially positive activity to help quit smoking. That is something we care about here at iBreathe."

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